Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What A Ride!

Assalamualaikum, y'all!!

Alhamdulillah.  Just came back from the turned-out-to-be-not-so-mini UK Trip about 8 hours ago.  What I thought was a 2-day trip was actually a 4-day trip and I'm still damn tired from the trip.  I really wanna post some stuff but I think I need to rest 1st.


Buuuuut...Here are some picts as a sneak peek ;-)

On the way to Newcastle
The view at Berwick Upon Tweed
Ariq with mummy, daddy and Wan :-D

Home of the bagpipes, haggis and Nessie O.o"

Wassup? :-)

Finally..Old Trafford! The Theatre of Dreams!!

On the ground of legends

Park Ji-Sung = Asian pride

I sat in Sir Alex Ferguson's seat!!

In the megastore with one of the employees

He's a little devil.Err..Hehe..

Well, I'll post more Insya-Allah.  The trip was 4 days from Saturday to Tuesday.  So it might be a 2-part or 3-part post and tons of pictures.  Haha!!

Gotta get some Z's..

See you guys on the flip side!!