Saturday, 11 February 2012

That'll Teach Them A Lesson

Assalamualaikum, everybody!!

I just came back from my dentist appointment.  Changed the coulour from red to blue.  And the best part was the doctor said I'll be taking them off by this July!  Haha..Yeah!  Well, I'll be waiting ;-)

Requested by Teenagerhousemaid a.k.a Kak M, I have some things to talk about English.  Hehe.  Ok, my English just moderate and mediocre to me.  I can speak, yes, but my English ain't really like all those bombastic words or what not.

Don't get me wrong.  I can speak Bahasa Melayu fluently.  Not to brag but I DID get an A+.  Just saying.  All I'm saying is, we all need to start somewhere right?  It's not like I crawled out and just started talking in English.  Hell no.  It all started with..............

Johnny Bravo
Little Lulu
Paddington Bear
Yup.  It all started before kindergarten.  All I did was watch cartoons.  Since we had Mega TV back then, I can only watch cartoons that were in English.  So of course being a kid I just watched cartoons.  And if there were any words that I didn't understand I'd ask my parents.  Since my parents have quite an educational background, they helped me out a lot too and they still do till this very day.  So I just started speaking to my parents in English.  If I ever said anything wrongly, they'd correct me.  So yeah.

But of course,we get older and I started leaving the realm of cartoons.  So I moved on to the next thing............

Oh yeah.  I started reading books.  I just started out by reading the thin books that were less than 20 pages.  If I went straight to thick paperback books, I might be considered the youngest nerd ever in Malaysia.  No offense by the way.  Everything just snowballed into thicker and thicker books.  What can I say?  I guess I just fell in love with reading.  From H.G Wells' "The War of The Worlds" to Hlovate's "aA+bB".  And from Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles series to Eoin Colfer's (pronounced as Owen) Artemis Fowl series.

I know that might sound like a geek.  Trust me.  I've been trying to shake that label off of me.  But I don't just read to improve my English you know.  The next thing is...........
We The Kings!!
They're so awesome that no one can do anything about it

All Time Low
Paramore before the Farro brothers left

What's left of Paramore (From left : Jeremy, Hayley and Taylor)
One of the musicians I really wanna work with if I get to be an audio engineer XD
My whole life I've been drawn to music.  But in a good way I mean.  I was a Westlife and Backstreet Boys fan during my primary school days.  At the age of 9 and up I started to mingle with MCR..The Used..Lots of bands that were really the opposite to BSB and Westlife and such.  They play instruments!!  Haha!!  At 10 y/o I started getting familiar with the guitar and started playing chords and riffs.I often jam with my friends during my days in MRSM KT at 16 and 17 y/o.  At this point, We The Kings, Paramore, All Time Low have been the bands that I always listen to.

And I can still remember the times when I performed "Check Yes Juliet" (WTK), "That's What You Get" (Paramore) and "So Far Away" (Avenged Sevenfold) in front of an actual crowd.  People screeming our names and singing along.  It was an awesome feeling.  I hope I can actually experience that feeling again.

But during that little transition from primary school to high school, songs weren't just lyrics anymore.  To me, music is emotions put into words that are describe in such a way that people can understand and actually feel, sense and sway to.  The melodies and riffs can picture a person's true feelings.  Sometimes rock for anger, soft music for a melancholy type of mood or even just some pop and RnB to show that you're having fun and you're happy.

The point is, music can also teach us English.  Especially in poetry.  And in writing stories like me.  I get a lot of ideas to create my OWN ideas by reading and mixing different authors' sentences (I hope that doesn't count as plagiarism though).  I still play the guitar and  sing.  So seeing video clips and listening to songs always wanna make create my own song :-D

Well, last but not least you gotta try and speak the language.  Otherwise you'd be just good on paper but rubbish during communication.  You expect to study overseas with that?  No offense but c'mon.  Trust me.  People will be pissed that those who can't even speak a sentence correctly gets the scholarship, but those who are actually intelligent and have good English don't.  And I'm one of those who didn't get it.  And trust me..I...AM...PISSED

Well I guess that's that.  Hope y'all find this informative.  And I really hope that all of you can try to speak English.  Don't be shy.  Just try.  It's better than not trying at all ;-)

See you guys on the flip side!!

P/S : I want Travis Clark's hair!!  It's awesooooome!! XD