Sunday, 19 November 2017

NZ Road Trip: Wellington and Interislander Ferry

In the name of Allah.
The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Assalamu'alaikum, y'all!

"I'm the king of the world!"
~ Jack Dawson (Titanic) ~

As some of you might know, NZ has two major islands: NORTH island and SOUTH island. So the previous posts are from the north island. This post connects the north and the south 'cause we're going from Rotorua to Wellington, then on board the Interislander ferry to Nelson at south island.

Early afternoon on September 26th, a day after Hobbiton, we were off to Wellington but we were starving. You can mistake my rumbling stomach for a jet engine. So we went to a place called BurgerFuel (yes, it's spelled like that). Remember in Auckland where we met Abg Cik's friends and her family? Her dad mentioned BurgerFuel and said that they could prepare halal food. So, guys, if you get cravings, just find the nearest BurgerFuel and fill 'em up! We went to Taupo

Don't you just love puns? Haha!
It was raining like crazy outside. Otherwise we could've gotten a better view of Lake Taupo.

Another thing, the lakes in NZ are B-E-A-utiful. You see a lake, find a parking spot and just bask in the sun and see nature in its full glory. Believe me.

Anyway, after lunch, we had to Solat so we found an Islamic centre in Taupo.

Anywhere you go, just find an Islamic centre. In NZ, there are some places that have A LOT of 'em.

It was getting late so we raced --carefully-- to Wellington and spend the night there. Our host, Julian was this guy in his 60's working in real estate. He's pretty cool. We reached there around 10-ish and after Solat, the 4 of us just passed out. After breakfast, we were already heading out.

After saying our goodbyes to Julian, a furry friend wanted to say goodbye too!


She's fluffier than Shadow! After scratching her belly and behind her ears we were off to Wellington's city centre. We had some time to kill before our ferry.

For you history buff out there, there are a few museums you can go like the Wellington museum!

To be honest, we actually just waled around the city centre. That alone can already fill up your time.

We didn't see much of Wellington 'cause we were getting behind schedule. Even so, Wellington was...........

See what I did there? Haha!
Like in Taupo, we found an Islamic centre in Wellington to Solat.

We raced in our Corolla hatchback to the Interislander ferry! Just follow the signboards and you can go to the office or the waiting area if you're driving.

The ferry's pretty cool. After climbing a few flights of stairs, we got to the lounge where it was pretty comfy.

The ferry has a few floors and one of them is the cafe. To be honest, you'll be wasting your time just sitting in the lounge, watching TV. It's a 3-hour ride to Picton ferry port at south island. NZ is one of the best countries to take pictures. It got a bit cloudier as the time pass but it didn't matter. Haha!

We arrived at Picton quite late and it still took a few hours to get to Nelson where we were staying the night.

We stayed at Kea Apartments and the person handling our booking called and upgraded us! Tengok nasib la kan. Ada rezeki, dapat la upgrade. Haha!

Next post will be Taylorville where we met a few other furry friends. Check out the previous posts for flight preparations, Auckland and Rotorua.

See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S: I'm not technically working yet but I've already gotten the taste of paying commitments and bills.