Thursday, 10 May 2012

It Sleeps 5 and It's Got Playstazion (Part 2)

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum, everyone!!

Well, I promised told you guys that I'd post part 2 of the trip in a few hours right?  So, here I am!  Hehe..  So let's get cracking!

On day 2 of the mini UK trip (Sunday), we went from Edinburgh to Manchester.  Of course, we had to do some sight seeing before we went to Manchester.  So we woke up and had breakfast and headed out from Travelodge Haymarket.  We went to the central of Edinburgh I think.  It was great.  The architecture of the buildings, restaurants, the greenery (Well,spring IS in the air).  Everything was just...Picturesque.  And as per usual, yours truly took some pictures.....

You found out about this on our way to Manchester.  So we didn't do eat there :-/

This one was candid.  Ayah took it -___-" Haha
We wanted to go further up to Edinburgh Castle but it was getting too cold even for my dad who is very VERY warm..Literally.  So we had to get in the car and have our lunch somewhere.  Ariq was a bit cranky from the cold.

By the way, all the food that we ate and had were mostly ours that we brought from London.  Hehe..So we all just sorta picnicked in our rented car.  But it was fun!  Haha!!

Later, we went to Blackpool.  Just so you know, Blackpool is like the Port Dickson of UK.  It's beach is amazingly clean and just awesome but nobody dare to go in cos of the cold.  Haha!!  In the area of the beach, there were shops, amusement parks, malls, little shops and even restaurants.....

We went to find a place to do our prayers.  We found a place but it was closed.  the mosque DID have some numbers to call for someone to use the mosque.  There were 3 and one of them was outstationed and the 2 others didn't pick up.  So Angah drove quickly AND carefully to Travelodge Manchester.

We made it and barely too.  Just a few minutes till the Maghrib adzan.  After that, Ayah, Angah and I went to a place that sells halal food.  Turns out that the whole stretch sells halal food.  But they were more towards Indian delicacies.  Tandoori and what not.  But we had Chicken Cottage.  Haha!!

We were too hungry.  So, sorry guys.  No picts


Here's the 2nd part of the trip.  Insya-Allah the 3rd in a few hours aite guys?


See you guys on the flip side!!