Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Game, Set, Match

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum, everyone!!

Well, yesterday was one of the most epic days of my life other than the time I went to Old Trafford.  I couldn't post it yesterday cos I was too damn tired.  So Alhamdulillah, I got to go to one of the places I wanted to go since I was 5...................

Hell yeah!!  Haha!!  I waited a long time you know??!!  It wasn't that hard to go there as I expected.  I bought the tickets to enter the museum only.  I didn't have enough money.


But I don't care.  Wanna know why?  Cos it was down-right worth it..........

Federer's gold medal for doubles and Rafa's gold medal for singles during the last Olympic games  in Beijing

Tennis legend John McEnroe!!
Ok, it's just a projector image but close enough!
What the players' dressing room looks like now
Okay that was my tour of the museum.  After that I got the chance to go to the Center Court, where the finals of the championships are usually played.  The thing was, at my slot at 1.45, I was the only one.  So I guess it was me and Tamara, my Croatian tour guide.

The Center Court is only used for 2 weeks in a year and only for the Championships.  During the Wimbledon Championships, only other courts are used and Center Court as I said before is only used for the final.  In this year's case since the Olympic games are held in London, the Center Court will be used for 4 weeks.  Tamara explained everything about the court.  In that court, they have special seats for the royals of England where of course they watch it at a nice view.  Tamara showed me where everything was.  Where the T.V broadcasting team should be placed, where the players' family were seated and a whole lot of other stuff.......

The lines aren't drawn of course
Out of tradition, they haven't taken down the scores of the last match played there between Rafa and Nole

Final preparations till the Championships in June
In case any of you are wondering, yes they have tennis sessions for the public but mostly for those who are members.  I ain't surprised either.  Wimbledon Lawn Tennis is a big deal and it's a very prestigious tournament.  But even so, they can only play at other courts and not Center Court.  That's how classy the whole place is.

Tamara and I talked about how people say that it's a waste of time actually going to a match of any sport.  As in going to the stadium or arena just to see the sport even though you can just see it at home on T.V on Astro or Sky.  But trust me people, the atmosphere was just electric.  When I went there yesterday, I wasn't even playing but I was excited.

Well, I gotta contemplate on whether to go to some other places.  I'm a bit worn out actually but I gotta make these last few days count.

See you guys on the flips side!!