Sunday, 31 July 2011

He Ain't Heavy.He's My Brother, Baby. Yeah!

Assalamualaikum Everybody!!

He's a simple guy who loves cracking jokes and wants to make those around him happy.  He's a and one of a kind.  A grad of UTP and an IT guy (sounds like a geek dunnit? NOT!!)  He's none other thaaaaan................

Angah with his Birthday present
Hehehe..Yeah!  Happy Birthday to my very own Angah...  One in a million this guy.  Seriously..RMC..UTP..and now UK..London to be exact.  I hope he ain't going all Britain on us when he gets back in 3 years.


Angah and Kak Sha (Labi @ LAki BIni yg bahagia :-D)
We hope you'll have all that's what's best for you angah..and Kak Sha of course..We're out of adjectives to show how much we love you but I think we've picked the perfect one.....

Angah!! We love you very STRONG!!!


See you guys on the flip side!!