Friday, 22 July 2011

Raise Your Goblet Of Rock

Assalamualaikum everyone!!

Ever heard of Paramore?  The band from Franklin, Tennessee.  They came to Malaysia last year.  Well they were once a band of 5.

From left : Jeremy, Taylor, Hayley, Zac, Josh
But now, the 2 members on the far right of the picture up there, Zac Farro and Josh Farro, are out of the band..So it looks a little like this..........

Yeah..Before the 2 brothers went out, they made a few albums.  All We Know Is Falling, Riot! and Brand New Eyes.  And they all sounded great.  But what I'm wondering right now is will the band be better WITHOUT the brothers?  They haven't actually release an album yet since the brothers' departure.  Maybe it's cos they're still making new songs since their latest album, Brand New Eyes.  I don't know

But if you ask me?  I think they sound great right now.  Paramore released a new song titled "Monster".

"Monster" artwork
It's also an OST for Transformers 3 : Dark of The Moon.  To those of you who know the band and are wondering how they sound right now (like me),or even those who don't really know Paramore, you can take a look at their "Monster" music video here.  If you have any comments to share on how they sound or anything, do comment on this post and tell me what you think.


Hmm..I still remember when I did their "That's What You Get" song during my formal dinner in Form 3 (9th grade) in MRSM KK..Good times..Good times :-)
I really need to get some rest right now.  All this studying for tests and quizzes is making me feel so damn tired.



See you guys on the flip side!!