Thursday, 7 July 2011

You Go Left, You Go Right. It Doesn't Matter

Assalamualaikum everyone!!

You know, we all have choices to make right? The thing is....Which is the right choice??

Yeah.  Usually it's the life-changing choices that are the hardest to make.  Just imagine : One bad decision can effect your life and not to mention those around you especially your loved ones.  But honestly? I don't think it matters.  You go left or right, you've made your choice.  When you are where you are, all you could do is do what you can to be the best.  

I made some decisions.  I am FULLY aware of that.  I've made a few bad decisions..........

Ok...I've made A LOT of bad decisions here and there.  And I'm fully aware of THAT.  But seriously though, who would not want to do their best and achieve something at some place right?  You can go to the worst college in the world and work hard there and be a CEO of a big company.  You can work in McDonald's as the crew and crawl up the ladder to be a manager of a branch or even better than that.  I don't know if anybody agrees with me.  It's my point of view and I'll stick with  it. 

Those who know me knows this : I screwed up

But not this time Insya-Allah.  I'll crawl up that ladder to success.

It's a looooong way to go....BUT I CAN DO IT!
Since it's the morning now, I gotta go and get ready.  I'm not sure if our Electric Circuit quiz is today or tomorrow.  So yeah...

See you guys on the flip side!!