Friday, 1 July 2011

Any Ideas? Anyone? No..Seriously...Please?

Assalamualaikum semua!!

Orait..I know I made a promise  to my folks.  Tp ntah pe yg x kena dgn diri sendiri skrg x tau la..Asyik letih je..sirius letih.  Study sume mcm biase je.  Sports main.  Tido pun rase nye dh cukup.  Adoyaiiii..Heran sungguh la.  Mkn x cukup kot..Hmm..x gak..sbb sejak masuk sini dh start kuat mkn dh (ibu ayah suruh..kerempeng sgt..hehehe) Well..ntah la....


Seriously..I gotta get good grades.  I need to..I HAVE TO.  I screwed up once and saw everybody's reaction.  It's worse than any nightmares I had since I was a kid.  And trust me..I had lots of those..From the horrors of getting attacked by man-eating cafeteria food (I was the hero in that) to the screaming and shrieking of ghosts..But seeing their reactions on that day and any other day?  Beats any nightmare.  And nk tau ape yg lg teruk?? Seeing those faces again cos of mistakes that I shouldn't even be making.  Honestly??  I don't have a choice.  I'll make them proud..I promised.

Hmm..2nd biggest bro coming back in a few days..Can't wait to see how fat he is now..hahaha!! 

Ya Allah..

Bantulah daku dlm kesesatan dan kebuntuan ku ini..
Demi sesungguhnya..Hanya Engkau yg layak dimintakan pertolongan
Dan hanya Engkau yg layak disembah
Bantulah aku
Sesungguhnya Engkau Yg Maha Berkuasa lg Maha Mengetahui


P/S: Sorry for the short post.  Too much in my noggin' right now