Sunday, 1 April 2012

I Got My Eating Pants On!

Assalamualaikum, everyone!!

It's a bit hard for me to update these past few days.  The broadband's with my bro and he needs it more.  So he takes it and go to his college in Segamat.  It's ok I guess.  It's his final year anyway.  At least I think it is..

Just got back about an hour and a half ago from the cafe at the UiTM Shah Alam hotel at sect 2..(or 7..Not sure).  And this time, Along and Kak Aza were also with us having dinner.  And of course, they brought their little bundle of joy..............

Haha!!  Yup.  Being a pak su is awesome.  Kaisan is an awesome addition to the family.  And now we have Ariq in London with Angah and Kak Sha.  Insya-Allah will be seeing them next week.  Lately Kaisan acts like he doesn't know me anymore..Or anybody else for that matter.  He let's his ayah, mama and Tok Mi (My Ayah) dukung him but not the others.  Oh well.  It's ok Kaisan!!  We still love you, lil guy!!  Haha XD

Along wanted to treat us for dinner.  Being the awesome family members that we are, of course we let him.  Hehe.  Here are some shots from just now.....

Kaisan 'playing' with Tok Wan's BB

Abg Cik also wants to fiddle with his BB
Haha!  Tech wiz la this kid.  Try to guess what's wrong with the picture ;-)
Now you see it..........
Now you don't!!  Haha!! XD
Table 6 ;-)
All in all, everything was delicious and I hope to eat there again.  We've been going there all these years anyway.  It's good to have a go-to place.  Hehe..

I have about one more week till I go to London next Saturday.  So in one week at this time, Insya-Allah I'll be in London already.  I'll be carrying my new nephew, Ariq.  Heeeee..Can't wait!!

My stories are not yet written but maybe I'll think of some ideas during the flight.  Maybe scribble some ideas in my head too during our stop at the Doha International Airport.  I have 2 months to kill.  I'll think of SOMETHING..Hehe..  And the song in my head is going quite well.  Slow.  But well.  I have 2 possible titles.  I'll make a decision sooner or later.

So the semester's a week over and the sem break has begun.  I'll be spending my two-month holiday in London (Alhamdulillah), writing stories, songs, baby-sitting my nephew and just sight-seeing in London.  Pray tell, what will you guys be doing?  Do tell aites?


See you guys on the flip side!!

P/S :  I might not be able to blog for the next couple of days... >___<"