Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What Say You??

Assalamualaikum, y'all!!

Ok.  I nearly have the prologue on the new story finished.  I almost wrapped it up.  And then, I found this.......

DAMN IT!!!!!!!  My heart sank like the Titanic.  I waited almost 10 years for We The Kings to come to Malaysia and just when I'm on my break and in the UK, they come.  Don't get me wrong, I love visiting Angah's family and meeting little Ariq and also seeing the sights here.  But sometimes I want some satisfaction of my own you know?

I love We The Kings ever since I heard Skyway Avenue.  I have all their songs in my playlist.  I even performed Check Yes Juliet during one of my annual dinners in MRSM.  When I read that their coming to Malaysia, I stopped writing my story and just got out the house.  It's too much of a grief.  You know?  I was really in a bad place.

My head was spinning and I didn't wanna cry cos it was quite cold that afternoon.  If I did, I might've had snotsicles instead of popsicles to cheer me up.  I walked to the park, listening to my We The Kings playlist.  And just sat at the top of the hill, overlooking the view.

It sucks you know?  2010, Paramore and Maher Zain came to Malaysia.  I didn't go.  Why? SPM.  2011, All Time Low came for the Rockaway Fest.  I didn't go.  Why?  Final exam for Sem 1.  And now We The Kings are coming.  And I'm in the UK.  The 3 of all time favorite bands have finally come and I can't go.  This bites..

But then something happened.  The next day I tweeted my friend and she told me to look for We The Kings in UK.  They might have a show.  And it turns out, they do!!!!

Well technically it's a Simple Plan show and We The Kings are headlining.  So I think they might play ONLY A HAND-FULL of their songs.  But hey, I get 2 bands for a price of one!  That might count for something right?!

The only problem right now?  = Finding a way to tell my parents.

I really..REEEEEEALLY hope they understand.  I waited for a decade!! almost...

Pray for me guys?  I know it ain't the right thing to pray about.  But I want this UK trip to be something realy worthwhile.  A family reunion AND an awesome show.

See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S : Ibu, ayah...If you're reading this..Please...PLEASE let me go to the show >___<"

P.S.S : I'm a 'momma's boy' and I'm proud.  You don't like it? Take a hike!! :-P