Tuesday, 3 April 2012

You'll Turn Out Fine

Assalamualaikum, everyone!!

I'm currently at K.Rogers, my "office"when I was waiting for SPM results.  Since they have free wi-fi here, I just thought, "What they hey?" Haha!!

There's a huge PC Fair at the Ground floor of Plaza Alam Sentral here.  Major discounts.  Dr. Dre's Beats earphones at RM 19 a pop, Mouse at RM 10 and lots of other stuff.  I'm gonna buy a pair of earphones and a mouse myself.  Mine are a bit....out of shape??  O_o"  Yup..That's the word.

I have my dentist appointment tomorrow.  So...New steel to replace the REAL STEEL..Haha!!  (Ok..Lame joke T___T")  They replace the steel on my teeth with harder ones so that my teeth will be aligned properly.  I'd post some picts before I wore them and how my teeth are right now but they'll just give you nightmares (Trust me. I speak from experience)  I'm gonna ask the doct if my due date for my braces is still in July.  Hehe..Can't wait to take these off.  But then again, I'll be wearing retainers.

*sighs* Oh well...

In other randomness...My stories are already under way.  Ran some ideas with Petey and Fatin the other day.  They liked it but to me it still had that Hindustan/Malay flavour.  It's not like that's a BAD thing but I just want my stories to be originally mine.

Hehe..Actually, I have 2 stories I wanna write but only one story that's related to the 2 previous stories I wrote.

The big UK trip's this Saturday.  I'll be brainstorming and reading some books I bought.  It'll be one hell of vacation for me.  Haha!!  (Silakan Jgn jeles eh? ^_^ Hehe)

I gotta jet.

See you guys on the flip side!!

P/S : I don't know why but I just HAVE to put this picture here....

Hahaha!!  That's more like it!! XD