Saturday, 21 April 2012

I'd Send A Postcard To You, Dear

Assalamualaikum, everybody!!

So about 2 days ago, I skyp-ed with one of my pet sisters, Sabreena.  She's a year younger  than me.  She's now awaiting any college offers.  But for a girl who girl who got 10 A+'s for her SPM, Insya-Allah I think she has a shot of getting top offers from very top colleges.

Even though I ain't really her brother, I'm really proud of her.  It's not everyday someone who's very close to you get an achievement like that. 

We talked about random things on skype.  But since Ariq wasn't sleeping, I put him in my lap and switched on video.  Then Sab screamed, "AAAAHHH!! COMELNYEEE!!".  Haha!  After that Ariq had to drink so I had to give him back to ayah.  I switched off the video and continued rambling and ranting with my lil sis.

We talked about a lot of things.  College, the old days, some personal stuff.  I was manage to scoop up some dirt on her about some..Err...STUFF.  Hehe..

We're also planning to see each other again before I go back on June 10th.  Last I saw her was during my Chinese New Year break about  2 months ago.  It'll be great to see a familiar face before I go back.  Plus, when she starts college, I doubt we might get to hang out a lot.

It's amazing what 3 years of friendship can do.  At first, you're just friends in the same debate team.  Then you wound being so close like siblings.  We have a lot in common of course.  Alhamdulillah we both speak English very well.  Books and novels or basically just reading is just something we naturally do during our free time.  But we also have our differences of course.  In music..Food maybe.  But hey, that's how we get along with people don't you think?  We accept people for their differences...And try to adapt and use it to complete ourselves to be a better person.

Anyway, she's an awesome person to get along with.  I don't think I'd trade her with anything.  What can I say?  She's the closest thing I have to a little sister.

See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S : G'luck sis!  You've got a long and bright way to go.  Knowing you, I KNOW you'll do great Insya-Allah.  And remember, your lil big bro is always around ;-)