Friday, 20 April 2012

New Series's Prologue

Assalamualaikum, y'all!!

Well, I've been a bit distracted and confused on which to write about.  Whether to continue on the previous series or start the new story I've been talking about.  So I decided to start the new one.  But why give the whole story right now, huh?


I haven't actually been thinking straight, been contemplating a bit on the build up but I think this is how it goes.  Here's a sneak peek on my next writing.  Enjoy!


"Ibu, ayah, Syauqi gi kluar jap eh?  Going for the walk.  Macam biasa la," I told my parents.
"Ok.  Take care of your wallet semua, dik," Ibu asked.
"Duit cukup, Syauqi?" Ayah's turn to question.
"The 20 pounds Ayah bagi ada and tak pakai lagi, yah.  And ok, Ibu.  Assalamualaikum!" the reply I got was drowned as I shut the door.

It's been a few days and by then I thought I should be use to the cold weather.  But there I was getting a brain freeze without drinking even a sip of any cold drink.  The black jacket did the trick and all I needed to wear underneath that was just a T-shirt.  A pair of jeans, black Nike gloves and sneakers rounded up my attire for my usual walk around Angah's house.

It was a good day unlike the days before.  3.30 p.m and the sun was up but the surrounding and cool air were just the stuff to balance with the sun.  From Lanark Square I went to Alexia Square to the Tesco Express and bought myself a small bottle of orange juice.  Of course it was just a fruit juice but I just checked the ingredients to make sure it's halal.

"Sugar, some protein, energy, fresh orange.  Seems legit to me,"  I monologued as I checked the label.  I payed for the O.J and continued my walk.  Even if it was a bit chilly, I loved the catching the wind in my hair.  I feel like I'm in one of those movies where the hero walks in looking all cool.  My friends back at college kept telling me to take a haircut.  It was always, "Syauqi, pergi la potong rambut kau tu Dh mcm group member The Beatles dah aku tengok.".  There were also comments like, "Syauqi, you look like a girl la."  Then I was like, "Ok, I know I have my mom's face, tapi tak kan tak ada masculinity langsung kot.  Come on la."  My friends always laugh at that.  I'm too lazy to get a haircut.  It's my nature.  End of story.


Actually, I have a new reason for my walks in the afternoon here.  It wasn't just to get the wind in my hair anymore.  More than just to get my muscles to work.  Not just to get to know the surroundings.  But to go see a little someone.  Ok, it might sound like I was stalking.  But believe me, you might find my reason to be...Well..Reasonable.

Mudchute Park's just about 5 or 6 minutes away from the flat.  It's not just a park, it also has a farm with some animals.  Goats, cows and llamas among others.  But what interested me were the stables.  It was weird because the stables were just like my head.

It has a brain but no ideas.  I don't like the analogy but sometimes the truth had to be faced head-on you know?

For the past week or so, I've always seen her riding a brown horse with black mane.  She had an instructor, who was a local with a very significant cockney accent.  She was like the Kelantanese of London.  The interesting thing is, the girl riding the horse looked Malay.  One of the proofs is when she says 'alamak' when something bad happens.  Besides her Malay-ish looks, she also wore a tudung, which to me is always appealing.

I was walking along the walkway and thought I should just see her from afar.  It was too darn cold even when I have the gloves on.  So I just had to put my hands in my jacket pockets.  It seemed like I was snooping around cos I was looking through the high bushes.  You can't blame me for being a bit short can you?  Plus, it's what makes me..How do u say....Sophisticated?  Yeah that's the word.

My senses doubled.  I haven't even went eye-to-eye with this girl and I already have butterflies in my stomach and that small tug in my gut.  Despite the cold weather, I was sweating.  As my senses heightened into overdrive, I smelled the grass from the large compound of Mudchute Park.  I feel my palms get a bit sweaty from the anxiety of just seeing this girl from a distance.  At this point, I wanted to take the gloves off but I guess I thought better of it.  My mouth was dry and it felt like sand was stuffed in my mouth.

But my eyes and ears sensed that there was no horse galloping, nor there was she who ridden the horse.  I frantically looked around but the stable and equestrian area weren't that big of a compound.  My heart fell and I was so rattled that I didn't notice someone was creeping behind me.

"It's not nice to snoop around you know?" the voice said playfully.

In shock, I spun and stepped on a little rock that made me fell on my stomach.  Luckily, the grass and my hand broke the fall.

"Ya Allah!  Eh, sorry! I didn't mean to startle you!" the girl said.
"Nope.  It's ok.  Perfectly fine," between groans I turn and sat on the ground, brushing the dirt off my jacket.  I didn't wanna look at her yet cos I was too embarrassed.
"You're not from around here, are you?" she asked.  Judging by her tone, she might have seen my face when I spun.
"Not really.  Malaysia to be precise," still on the ground, I finally mustered every ounce of guts I had and locked eyes with her.

Breath taking.  I must've had a bit of a comedic tumble cos she was smiling and trying not to laugh.  Simply breath taking.  Her smile made my cheeks flush.  I bet that smile could melt even the sturdiest of irons.  Her gaze was as soft as the colour of her hazel eyes.  Her beauty, mesmerizing.

"Assalamualaikum.  Hi.  Nama I Hannah Dahlia," she said with an extended hand, smiling.


Hehe..Hope you guys like it.  This IS just the prologue by the way.  The FULL story has yet to be written but will be written nonetheless Insya-Allah.

See you guys on the flip side!!