Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ello there, Gov'nor!!

Assalamualaikum, everybody!!

Alhamdulillah I'm here in London already.  We arrived in Heathrow at 9.30 p.m (4.30 a.m in Malaysia)  From KLIA, we flew from 10.20 a.m and arrived in Doha at 6.20 a.m, Malaysia time.  Here are some picts from our 3-hour transit at Doha International Airport (DIA)..........

For the ppl back home, I get keychains maybe.  For me, I'll have this :-P

Ibu and ayah with their tabs

The celebrity ASIAN couple in London skrg ni..Haha XD

Yours truly ;-)

This angle's good enough.  Hehe...
After the transit, another 7 hours from DIA to London Heathrow.  The flight was ok.  Both of them.  They had in flight interactive stuff like movies, T.V programmes, games and even songs that you can create your own playlist with.  Angah picked us up at the airport.  It was a 1-hour drive to his place in Canary Wharf.  As he drove, we also did some sight-seeing from the car.  Hehe.  We saw Buckigham Palace, Eye of London, Big Ben, The Tower Bridge and some other places.

Here are some picts of ibu dukung-ing the lates add-on to the family, Ariq Irsyad :-D

Ariq's currently asleep right now.  It's 7.26 a.m here in London.  He woke up an hour ago and met his Tok Mi, Tok Wan and Paksu for the first time for real.  Hehe..He's so CUUUUUUTE!! XD

Insya-Allah I'll be posting my time in London everyday.  Anagh has internet here.  Hehe

See you guys on the flip side!!