Thursday, 29 March 2012

Come On!!

Assalamualaikum, everybody!!

I'm currently at Kenny Rogers right now, the place I worked at after SPM.  I had to send some jeans to the tailor and some pants of dad's but it will take quite some time for it to finish.  So I just thought I should swing by to KR and see my old bosses again.  Plus, no internet connection at home.  I need to find a hotspot SOMEWHERE right?


Anywho, I just ordered a glass of 100 Plus and a muffin.  Few minutes later, a plate of 1/4 quarter chicken and a scoop of aromatic rice was served for me.  Haha!!  Bless their hearts, my managers.  I'm touched.


Some of you might know, I'm  a sports buff.  Tennis, futsal, football, Basketball, Takraw.  You name it, I can play it (Not to brag)  But the sports I'm serious about are tennis and football.  So before I came to KR this afternoon, I watched the 1/4 finals of the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, Florida this morning.  It was the Spaniard Rafael Nadal  vs the French powerhouse, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

It was awesome.  Too bad it was best of 3 sets though.  For the grand slams, it's usually best of 5 sets.  But this is just another ATP Masters tournament, not the major grand slams.

The first set started off well for Rafa but the other way for Tsonga.  Some of his shots just didn't went quite right.  Trust me, I know how that feels.  He kept talking to himself and missed quite important shots especially drop shots.  Rafa was clearly off guard and far from the net.  Tsonga tried a drop shot but they were not good and strong enough to pass the net.  In the whole match, this happened 10 times, give or take.  Eventually, Rafa got the 1st set in the bag.

In the 2nd set, things were starting to look up for Tsonga.  Giving heavy backhands and strong forehands to Rafa.  He was on a roll.  But he was still trailing and Rafa was serving for the match.  But by some mystical power, Tsonga held his ground and took the 2nd set.

Then, the deciding set was played.  Both players gave it their all.  Smacking the ball to their opponents.  Then, Rafa had the upper hand when he broke Tsonga's serve.  Then Tsonga had  his chance to even the score.  Break point, then his racquet string snapped.  He lost the  break point and Rafa led 5-4.  Rafa served for the set and got match point.  But Tsonga mustered all his will power and got a break point to even the score.  Then Rafa fought back and got his match point again.  And again, Tsonga held his ground (I was REALLLLY glued to the T.V screen, almost literally)  But Rafa got his 3rd match point and Tsonga hit his forehand short and the ball went to the net.  Nadal won, 6-2, 5-7, 6-4.

Man, I can't wait to start playing tennis again.  I'll have to wait till the new semester starts I guess.  By then, I'll be starting the new sem as a 2nd year.  Hehe... 
Though, I gotta start buying a few things.  New grip..Dampener..And most importantly..........


Haha!!  My Along bought me these futsal shoes ages ago.  But I got involved in tennis and I got no tennis shoes.  So I just used these.  Looks like the golden age for this pair of Adidas has ended.  Hehe.........

See you guys on the flip side!!