Friday, 6 April 2012

The Malays Are Coming! The Malays Are Coming!

Assalamualaikum, everyone!!

As I said, I'll try to post some picts before I go.  Mostly picts of stuff that I wanna bring to London.....

Ok..My laptop is a must.  Angah has internet at his place!! XD

My jubah and kain pelikat is the VERY MUST.. ;-)

Can't forget the gadgets.  Wow.  I feel like batman.Haha!!

My PJs..Hehe..Seluar track pun jadi laaaa

Pants...Jeans..I realized I have so many jeans >_<"

Ok..I NEEEED to "filter" my shirts..Too..manyyyy.... T___T"

It looks like my hoodie's saying, "Yo, you better bring me along, man" XD

This black jacket's a must bring too. 
Reading materials..Legend..Artemis Fowl..Surat Untuk Carolyn..Impossible for me to be bored on the flight XD
Some picts can't be posted cos it's too obvious that I have to bring them.


It might be very cold there right now.  My dad told me that it's actually snowing there somehow even though it's already spring O_o"

Anywho, my flight's at 10.20 a.m tomorrow but I think I'll be boarding the plane around 10 or maybe 10-15 minutes earlier.  Might meet up with an old friend from MRSM KK there cos her mom's the same flight as mine (Coincidence? Yup!!)

IF anybody wants to meet up with me at KLIA before I go, blogger friends, friends or family of mine, you are more than welcome to do so.  Really honored.... (Peghhh.  Bajet rock star je aku ni..Haha!!)

Please pray that my parents and I arrive at Heathrow Airport safely, guys ok?  I'll continue blogging from London Insya-Allah


See you guys on the flip side!!

P/S : You better get ready, London!  The Malays are coming! The Malays are coming!