Thursday, 12 January 2012

Have No Fear

Assalamualaikum, everyone!!

You know, it's pretty hard being in college when all you wanna do is have fun and be excellent at the same time.  It's tough being in one of the most excellent engineering institutes when all that's happening to you is almost crashing and burning.  It's even tougher when you have other problems breathing down your neck.  For me?  It's tennis training...Internal conflicts...

It's hard enough trying to succeed in our own personal things but for me, the people around me are just as important.  I know some of you might be thinking, "Hal diorg, hal diorg la..Hal kita, hal kita".  True.  Sometimes I think like that.  But I just can't help it ok?  I'm THAT type of guy.  I tend to help people out with their problems.  Wanna know why??  Cos people always come to me when they had problems when I was in MRSM.  And guess what?  People are still doing that.  When they have their problems and they're down about it, somehow they'll have that effect on me.  As in I will also be down like them.

Lately, things have been spiraling out of control for me.  Assignments to be finished and sent the next day..Test to study for..Tiring tennis training..I know some of you may think I'm whiny.  I know..Can't blame you.  But hey, I'm not usually under THAT amount of stress.

I went through it a few nights ago.  It was late so I didn't wanna call my parents cos they might be asleep already.  I didn't wanna bother my along cos he might be busy layan-ing Kaisan.  My angah is in London and abg cik is in UiTM Segamat doing his finals.  I didn't know where to go.  So I just texted the next person I had close to a little sister...Ain/adik (my junior in MRSM KT)

Me : As Salam.  Dik, leh call jap x? :-(
Ain : Wsalam..Tp adik xd kdit la..Lgpn adik x byse kol klo kt umah..  Asl ni?
Me : X de.  Aku tgh stress r..Study la..Assignments la..Masalah lain lg.Aku kedit pun mcm ape ni haaa..Mmm..X pe r dik..Sje ingat nk bersembang jap.
Ain : Owh..Sori r.Xd kdit la..Kalo nk msg jap bley la..Ne la tau ad owg 2 rndu kte ni..Lpe nk tnye..Miskol td sbb rindu erk? :-p
Me : Kebanyakannya sbb stress..Sirius wei.Aku tgh down ni :-( Mmg la aku rindu kosbb aku dh tau ko x rindu aku.  X kisah pun :'-(
Ain : Hmmm.Tgk 2..Adik sje je grau td..Ne la tau kot2 bley wt abg epy cket sbb abg sllu grau dgn adik..Adik minx maaf r kalo td adik da wt abg jd lg cdey.xd mksud cm 2..
Me : Sori r.Aku tau pe ko nk buat.Tp kalo dh aku stress sgt sampai aku nangis2 skrg ni aku rase susah skit kot.
Ain : Emm..Xp la.Cbe ikhlaskn ati cyum..Sllunye akan ok cket..Klo da stres truk sgt, owg len myb bley tlg..Tp yg utama dtg dr ati ..Klo ati abg rse nk syum nnt ok la..Tp kalo x nk owg len tlg cm ne pn ssh gak.
Me : Mmm..Ok... Ma kasih,dik.Ko tau kn aku sayang ko? :'-)
Ain : Adik tau..N adik cyer 2 sbb abg xd adik.. :-)
Me : Mmm..Btol r tu.Thanx sbb buat aku senyum :'-)
Ain : Haa..Ni br btol abg kcik adik.Klo dlu xcyum xsah..Rse lega da?
Me : Hehe..Ada la gak leganye.At least aku tau adik2 aku ada :-)
Ain : Haa..Len kali klo stres pjuk ati cyum dlu..Ingat mnde2 lcu..or owg tcyg..Klo truk cgt, ngis xpun gi amik wduk, biar ati tu tng ckit
Me : Iye dik..Ma kasih..Saaaaaayang adik.Hehe..Syg abg x? ;-)
Ain : Haha..Nk tglk wei..Adik bkn xsyg tau..Tp adik ni jenis ssh ckit nk ckp adik syg owg
Me : X pe la.Bile aku dh gi jauh nnt,dh lama x cntct nnt ko sedar r tu ;-) Aku nk buat keje jap.Papehal bg tau aku r..As Salam..
Ain : Haha..Yela2..Da,jgn stres2 lg..Cyum tau.Wsalam :-)

Yeah.  It's awesome to have someone you can depend on doesn't it?  I have to of the awesome-est adik agkts in the world.  I'd never trade them for anything..I think..Hehe ;-)

Well..Physics in a few.  I gotta get going.

See you guys on the flip side!!