Sunday, 15 January 2012

Get Your Heart On!

Assalamualaikum, everyone!

Remember my post "Rock Your Socks Off!!" ? Well..Guess what....

Haha!! Hell yeah!!  I didn't think I'd get the chance to go to the Simple Plan concert.  I got some media passes for myself and some friends of mine thanks to my eldest brother/along a.k.a Bo the nerd (Thanks Along!).  As part of the media I got to go to the press conference.  Here are some shots.......

Tune Talk CEO, Jason Lo, giving an impromptu speech
Hand-picked by Simple Plan themselves, The Revellers were chosen as the opening act (JEALOUSSSS)

The band answering some questions
When asked if they liked the weather, they said they actually like the hot weather.  They can just wear T-shirts and shorts.  Apparently, it's -15 degrees in Canada.  They're currently doing their Get Your Heart On! Asia Tour and will be going to Singapore, Indonesia and Japan.  When asked about how they've been sticking together, Sebastien said, "We have NO IDEA".  Haha!! Pierre said, "We have "marriage counselling" for the band.  I hope he was kidding about that.

The press conference didn't last long cos the press conference actually started REALLY late.  After this, the media people went Pavilion for the spa session.  I didn't go.  By that time it was about 3 something.  My solat is more important.  Enough said..

There were a lot of people even though it wasn't a sold out show......

The atmosphere was awesome.  The crowd was pumped.  Chanting "Simple Plan! Simple Plan!" Jin and Ryan from Hitz.FM were also at the show, keeping up the hype of the crowd and introducing the opening act from The Revellers, the band which was hand-picked by Simple Plan to open the show............

Jin "psyching-up" the audience..
Team Ryan vs Team Jin...
Introducing...THE REVELLERS!!
This guy's a great guitarist..
Here are the shots from Simple Plan's show.  Everything was awesome..The music..The lights..The crowd..The Band..It was a great show.......

From left: Chuck (at the drums) Jeff, David, Pierre and Sebastien (Unseen)
At this time, Jeff was grinning at my friends and I XD Haha

Amira/Weng just WANTS to get a shot too..Haha!!
Awesome lighting....

Fifi (not to be confused with Fifi from UTM), Amira/Weng and me
It was quite epic.  They performed songs from their 1st album to their current one.  The songs include "I'd Do Anything", "Addicted", "My Alien", "I'm Just A Kid" (Everybody including me were jumping during this song.Haha!) ", "Shut Up!" and one of their famous singles "Perfect".  They also performed "Welcome To My Life", "Jump" (Ok..ALLLL of us were jumping to this song), "Your Love Is A Lie" and "When I'm Gone".

From their latest album, they made everybody go wild with "Summer Paradise", "Can't Keep My Hands Off You", "This Song Saved My life", "Loser of the Year" and of course "Astronaut" and "Jet Lag".

I also got some memorabilia of my own....

All in all..Awesome and amazing show.  Even though I'd prefer We The Kings, this show was great for my 1st ever concert.

Other famous acts will also be coming down.  Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Jessie J and another band that Jason Lo won't reveal.  Hehe..Never mind..We'll wait!!

To those who wants to see more, go to my FB and check out the shots.  By the way, I don't have a DSLR. So I think that can explain the not so good shots (which Amira also helped me take by the way) Haha!!


See you guys on the flip side!!

P/S : I know la that it was a concert from a famous band.  But that doesn't mean you can ignore your solat.  I spent almost an hour searching for a surau.  5 times a day, everybody.