Saturday, 28 January 2012

Do You Know Why I Stopped You?

Assalamualaikum, y'all!

Well, since I'm quite new at this blogging bit, I think I just wanna tell you (anyone who follows and reads my "canvas") a thing or two about myself...Hmmm..Where to start ah?  Oh well.  Basics I guess..
Name : Muhammad Syauqi Kusyairi b. Jamalus

Birthday : October 18th

Asal : Selangor (Enough said)

Eye colour : Brown/hazel

Height : 160 cm <------ I think (I'm short..But proud of it)

Smoke : Hell no!!

Siblings : 4..All boys (youngest..and pretty darn proud about it XD) 2 sis-in-laws

Education : MRSM KK (F1-F3) and KT (F4-F5) UTMICKL (Honestly, you guys should know my age by now)

Hobbies (Requested by Teenagerhousemaid a.k.a Kak M) : Listening to music, playing sports (especially futsal and tennis), playing the guitar (Damn I miss performing in front of a crowd), reading novels (Percy Jackson and The Kane Chronicles series), eat and hanging out with friends.

Ambition (Requested by the same person ;-) ): Audio engineer (Someone had that effect on me.)


Movies : The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Zombieland, Paranormal Activity, Mission Impossible 3 (Tom Cruise = Me :-P) and basicly anything in the comedy genre.

Food/drinks : Mom's cooking (of course), Chinese fried rice, western, neslo ice, teh ice.

Clothes brand : Diesel Exchange and anything that's comfy

Restaurants : Chili Merah, Kedai RM5

Fast food : McD, Papa John's and Burger King.  Damn it I'm hungry T___T

Accessories : Watches and rings.

Athletes : Roger Federer and Paul Scholes.  Not necessarily in that order

Place to hang out : Midvalley, KLCC, Kompleks PKNS, SACC and Plaza Alam Sentral.

Moments in life : A lot but not ALL of them lasts.

Have I ever.....

Fell from a tree : No.  Not planning to.  I heard that it's quite painful T___T

Failed in any tests or such : Haven't we all? @_@

Been to other countries : Yeah but not many.

Broken any part of my body : Nope.

Been in a relationship : Those who know me and read my blog should know

Cried watching a movie : Ooohhh yeah ;-)

Been caught doing something bad : Trust me.  You have NO..IDEA..

Done any performances in front of a crowd : Countless of times and hope to do so again.

Thought of suicide : Many times but my Faith prevents me from it

Got straight A's : Yes but not all the time.

Which one?

Chocolate or vanilla : Vanilla

Black and white or colourful : Depends on the situation

Short hair or long hair : Long even though some people say I look better with short hair

Sunshine or rain : Sunshine even though rain is a blessing

Guitar or drums : Guitar..Definitely but drums are second choice

Overseas or local (education) : Overseas if ada rezeki

Sports cars or sedan : I love to go fast.  So sports car

Jeans or slacks : Jeans laaaaa.

Flip-flops or sneakers : Depends on where I'm going I guess

T-shirt or round collared : T-shirt for formal round collared for hanging out

Tablet or smart phone : Honestly?  I'm not sure O_o

Europe or Asia : Europe.  Just to get the feel..You know?

Do I...

Talk to myself : Oh yeah. All the time..

Drink : Of course I do.  I just don't drink alcohol :-P

Curse : Only when I'm stressed out. Not proud of it.

Hug and kiss my parents : Yup :'-)

Enjoy teasing others : Yeah but just for giggles.  I know the boundaries.

Skate : Yeah.  And hope to do it again soon XD

Sing : A little bit.  Yup :-D

Shower : C'mon..Seriously? T___T Of course laaaa

Chew with an open mouth : No.  That's bad table manners mind you.

Drag my feet when I walk : Nope.  That has laziness written all over it.

Believe in fate : I guess so

Can I....

Drive : Not yet.  Working on it

Cook : Hehe.  I can just fry eggs.  Does that count?

Write : As in write a story?  Yup :-)

Whistle : Yes

Curl my tongue : *curls up my tongue* ;-)

Knit : T___T"

Other questions...

Would I kill for a million dollars?
No.  That's wrong.

Have I ever got high or drunk?
Nope.  Are you kidding?

What annoys me?
Litter bugs, backstabbers, rude people and those who disgrace society

Who makes me smile?
My family and friends.Hehe..

Where would I go on my honeymoon?
Locally, I'd go to Karambunai, Sabah.  And I'd go To Istanbul, Turkey if it's outside Malaysia.

Will I save the person I love in any situation?
I guess so.

Do I speak any other language?
Besides Malay...English..Hehe..

When was the last time I got an injection?
Last year.  Typhoid shot I think.

Thoughts on gay marriage?
It's against human nature..And against religion.

Views on abortion?
It's wrong and stupid.  Enough said.

Future spouse's characteristic....

Height : Shorter than me or maybe the same height.

Eyes : Like mine?

Culinary skills : Average.  Otherwise we won't have dinner outside.  Hehe...

Good English (optional)

Religious wise, watches her solat, recites the al-Quran well.

Soft spoken and good manners.  Faithful unlike some people I know.

Nice smile..

That's it..A thing or two on you-know-who..

See you guys on the flip side!!

P/S : Any other questions, do leave a comment ya? ;-)