Sunday, 7 April 2013

Yes, I read

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamu'alaikum, peeps!

Some people find it weird that I read novels and not just magazines or what not.  I mean...Really?  Why is it that shocking that I read?  I mean it's one of the ways I improve my language skills, man!  And it's how I increase my eloquence.  Although, as much as I love reading, I don't really find any satisfaction to it somehow.  I mean yeah, you get that 5-second satisfaction.  Especially after finishing a long awaited book from a series or a really thick book that's over 300 pages.  However, it still doesn't beat reading even one single aayah from the al-Quran............

To be honest, there are a few books that aren't in the picture.

Yes, I've read these and there are a few that I haven't read there.  I think there are 5 books over there.  I'm telling you guys, it soothes me when I read the Book.  It's cliché, I know but it's true.

I'm an easy going guy but when I'm really depressed, I go really down.  I mean deep-at-the-bottom-of-the-sea down.  Of course, I'll go to my parents first.  I'd talk to friends.  Next, I'll go to my little sister from another mother, Sab (Sabreena).

I'd talk to her on she'd always say,

"Abang, abang dah bukak al-Quran ke belum?  If you haven't, then do it.  Just randomly bukak a page and read the tafseer."

It works.  Many times.  Sometimes the verse that I read usually relates to the problems that I have.  This is another proof that Allah S.W.T is All-Knowing.

I guess I'm blessed to have people like Sab around me.  I really like the connection that we have.  She reminds me of these things.  Besides my parents, she's the only person in my circle of friends who does.  You gotta love friends like those.

Anyway, we're just humans.  We forget.  When in distress, just open the Book and read the tafseer if you have one.  Aye?


On another note, a reminder to all you football lovers, In Sya-Allah, I will be live tweeting the Manchester derby between Manchester United and Manchester city at Old Trafford from my house on Tuesday morning, 3 a.m (Malaysia time).  To all you Red Devil fans, let's see United make the double, aye?  And prove that MANCHESTER IS RED.

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See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S: I heard Lindsey's version of Evanescence's "My Immortal".  So beautiful.  I had chills.  *melts into the carpet*