Sunday, 14 April 2013


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.


What I thought would be the worst weekend of 2013 so far turned out quite well so far.  Sometimes you just gotta look at the bright side, you know?

Had a wonderful breakfast with my parents today.  After that, we watched this................

Haha!  It was great seeing this with my parents.  Not many people get stand-up comedy but it's one of the few things I enjoy with the folks.  We just watched part 1 though.  "Fluffy" will be showing the part 2 of this special next week.  Can't wait....

I just had good company I guess today.  Skyped with Madamoiselle for 3 hours.  She really does know how to cool me off.  We click.  Our brains are somehow hard-wired in a pretty A-B normal kind of way but I'm just abnormal.  She's the one who's A-B normal.  We talked till it was late afternoon.  Almost 7 p.m and even after the maghrib prayers she still cheered me up by showing these......

I find these logically hilarious XD

I can relate to this.  Although, I'm just short.  Not overweight.  Haha!

Why did it took so long for me to see this??!!!  I feel like making a shirt based on this.

As we were talking she still sensed that I was still a bit flustered.  I was.  So she sent me these too.......

I've been doing the latter for quite a while but it's nice to know that there's a friend who actually cares and reminds you about it innit?  Thank you so much, my lady.  Merci beaucoup.


I've been having issues with a case that's a wee bit similar to this though..................

I got a twisted sense of humour, mind you.  So in that sense, I find this quite funny but a bit...How do you say...Mind boggling?

I use to be a guy who's quite a hothead.  I still am I guess but not so much.  I try to rehabilitate myself to not get into fights both physically and verbally.  There are some times when I just agree with people despite me thinking it's not really right.  Sometimes I do get at it just to stand my ground.  But when you know you're arguing with someone especially with those who you call your friends, you can't risk having a full blown "Chernobyl".  So I just stop arguing.  It doesn't mean that I'm walking away.  Some people think I quit and run away from problems.  I don't.  I do however don't like quarrelling with friends.  So I just stop and silence myself.

To any of you out there, say what you want.  Go ahead and say I like to run away from things.  It's a sin to tell lies and especially backbite.  So be my guess.  Aye?

On a much lighter note.  In Sya-Allah I will be doing another live tweet for Manchester United's game against Stoke City tomorrow, 9 p.m (Malaysian time), live at the Britannia Stadium (I'll be tweeting from my house). The last time they met at Old Trafford, Robin van Persie (RVP) scored an amazing goal and now he's not been scoring for 9 games.  Give or take.  Let's see if he can break that tomorrow.  You guys can follow me on Twitter................


See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S: Hipocrates, Socrates, Hades.  They're all Greek personalities.  I have a Greek name too.


Ain't it "grand?"