Saturday, 6 August 2011

You Can Do It!!

Assalamualaikum everybody!!

As I said, here's the benefit for the Tarawih prayers on the 6th night of Ramadhan.....

"Those who perform Tarawih prayers on the 6th night of Ramadhan will get a reward (pahala) equivalent to angels doing Tawaf in Baitul Makmur and all stones and pieces of earth will make doa and beg forgiveness for those who perform Tarawih prayers on the 6th night".

Alhamdulillah it was a great day.  My engineering maths quiz is postponed to 'I-don't-know-when'.  I had a good chat with my lecturer too.

I'm having problems studying lately.  I'm trying to juggle my priorities and so far it's not working so good.  So yeah..It's quite crazy for me right now.  The college life is insanely crazy.  As if 'insanely' alone can't explain how crazy it is.  Not to mention my own personal problems.


All I know that it's the fasting month.  Once a year only.  And I'll always remember what my mom said yesterday....

"Bln puasa ni stahun skali je.  Try buat ibadah byk2, Syauqi.  Buat je solat sunnat apa2 pun.  Pahala byk bln puasa ni".

"The fasting month is just once a year.  Try to do a lot of ibadah, Syauqi.  Just do any sunnah prayers.  There's a lot of reward in this fasting month".

My parents have given me a lot of advice.  Both of them.  But this is hands down the best advice a guy like me can ever get.  Besides "Study well, Syauqi.  And never miss your solat".

Insya-Allah I won't.


Well.  I gotta go.  Kinda tired.  Gotta to rest. ..for the tennis training session in the morning..Aiyooooo.........


See you guys on the flip side!!