Sunday, 7 August 2011

Try 8...

Assalamualaikum everyone!!

Ready for the benefit for the 8th night?? ;-)

"Those who do the Tarawih prayers on the 8th night of Ramadhan will receive the same reward (pahala) Allah gives Prophet Ibrahim a.s (Abraham) when he does Tarawih."

Ok..Somehow I ain't tired today.  Not as usual though.  After Subuh, straight with the TITAS assignment (only half-way...not finished yet) But still..I don't feel tired..Even now.  Well..besides my aching legs from the training yesterday.  It still burns....


Hmmm..I feel emptier than ever though.  I need them :-/ I can't wait for the 2-week holiday.  Kick back for a bit.  Drinks with the guys.  Duit raya..And most importantly....


Yeaaaah!! hahaha!! :-D

But till then.  Let's go through this Ramadhan like it'll be our last.  I'm still trying to sort out my inner demons problems.  Maybe it'll work out this week.  Insya-Allah..

See you guys on the flip side!!