Saturday, 18 February 2012

What A Small World

Assalamualaikum, everybody!!

Since today I didn't have any classes, I went home early.  So, I went home in the morning.  Then, after the Friday prayers, I went to SACC to check up on my laptop.  It turns out that the factory's done with it but they haven't sent it to the shop yet.  I was like "Say what now? O.o"  Well...It's not a wonder since they haven't called yet but hey, it's been a whole friggin' month already. 

I walked around PKNS and SACC.  When I wanted to go to Plaza AS, it started to pour down like a giant dumping a big damn barrel of water down on Shah Alam.  So I decided to wait it out.  I was waiting and waiting...Then my eyes drifted to a restaurant.  I was like "I know that girl.  Isn't that Ummi's friend?"  I just had a theory that the girl in front of the friend is Ummi.  So I called her.  If the phone was picked up and the girl sitting there picks up, then it's here.  Otherwise, I just wasted my credit.

T___T"  Haha!!

But then there was no answer and I saw from afar that the girl didn't pick up.  So I thought I'd wait for the rain to stop and wait for the girl to pay for her and her friend's lunch.  I went inside the mall and they were paying already.  It WAS Ummi and her friend (whom later I remembered is Sofea).  I stood out side the restaurant, grinning.  Then she saw me.  But it took a while for her to process..She was like......

:-| Then she was like.....

-_^ Next, she went all....

O____o After that she was


Haha!!  They were walking around SACC and PKNS but not yet Plaza AS.  So I decided to tag a long.  I wanted to find new earphones since I lost mine a few weeks ago.  Ummi wanted to buy some groceries.  And Sofea wanted to pay her broadband bill.  So we all just headed there.

Even though it was brief, I had a good time.  Bought my earphones too!!  Hehe..

I don't actually know what to write.  So I guess this ends here.

See you guys on the flip side!!