Sunday, 19 February 2012

Are You Ready For Adventure?

Assalamualaikum, y'all!!

You know, random things happen almost constantly in my daily life.  Stumble upon the last packet of Maggie...Found the guitar pick that I lost a few weeks ago..The pet tortoise came from under our bench after a week it vanished <------Very true.  Not kidding.  But today?  Hmmm..More or less I guess.  Haha!!  If you guys follow and read my blog, you might remember I mentioned a friend named Ummi.  I met her and her friend Sofea by chance yesterday.  Today's a bit different.

Since I couldn't find a book I like at MPH yesterday, Ummi and I planned to go to Sunway Pyramid.  It wasn't a date by the way.  Anywho, we changed course and went to Midvalley.  So we took the U80 to KL Sentral and took the train to Mid.  How we stood when the train started moving, that was how we stood till we got there.  With the crowd and smell.  It was just....

-______- ....and

We went straight to MPH since Ummi wanted to finish up her vouchers.  I wanted to use some only.  Hehe. MPH re-located.  I think from G to LG.  It was damn packed I kid you not.  Ummi thinks the space is smaller.  But I think it just looked small cos of all the people.

There are some other places that are also packed.  We went round and around finding good books.  Since The Mark of Athena will be released this fall (October) I might as well keep myself busy.  So Ummi and I had some stuff to be nabbed from MPH.  Hehe...

I want to continue reading the Artemis Fowl series so I bought the 7 instalment, The Atlantis Complex.  The Mahathir Mohamad book there is Ummi's.  It's the man's cartoon version of his uprise.  She bought Stowaways and some stationery.  The line was damn long too.  Couldn't take a picture cos I was in line.  Haha!!  After solat Asar we went to a food place in the JJ there.  I never noticed a restaurant there.  Had Fishball noodle soup and teh o ais limau a.k.a iced lemon tea.  Hehe.  After solat Maghrib we went back to Shah Alam to Sect 2.  I waited with her for her bus.  It was too dark at the bus stop cos the lights were off somehow so I had to wait with her.  After she went back, it was a 10 minute-walk back home.  Reached salvation at 10 p.m

Tired? Yes...Regretted it?  Hell NO!!  Hahah!!

Green and gold pen, peach highlighter, Artemis Fowl book and "Allah is Calling", stories of Westerners embracing Islam

To someone I know, this notebook reminds me of buah salak...

Hehe.  An awesome day which I could re-live with any friend.

See you guys on the flip side!!