Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Slap Me Thrice and Hand Me To Me Mother!

Assalamualaikum everybody!!

Since my physics lecturer ain't around, the lab assistant let us leave early.  So I thought I ought to rant a bit on my "canvas" here.  Yes I am in UTM already.  The 2nd semester started on Monday.  So to keep my promises and reputation I gotta go back. But still, this didn't stop me from catching the game on Monday night!  Harimau Muda against the Indonesian football team.  

We got into the finals and won after a 1-1 draw and won 4-3 on penalties.  The atmosphere of watching the game at my block can beat the atmosphere at the stadium itself I think.  Especially when Asra scored the goal and when Khairul Fahmi Che. Mat a.k.a Apek saved one of the penalties.

Congratulations to the U-23 Harimau Muda team and to Ong Kim Swee for the the country's 2nd Gold medal in football for the SEA games.  Tonight is the Olympic qualifying match against Syria.  The thing is, We will be watching the Harimau Muda team instead of the senior Harimau Malaya team.  Who knows?  Maybe they can do a better job.  Well, they'll do a good job and win I'm sure.  Good luck to them.

Hmmm..I'm hoping for great things to come on this 2nd semester in UTM.  Higher grades, more friends, more activities to keep me busy.

You know that nagging feeling you have?  And that stupid little voice you have in your head saying that you can't do it?  Yeah, that's been happening a lot to me lately.  Been trying to get it out of my head and out of my system.  Wish me luck.


See you guys on the flip side!!