Thursday, 3 November 2011

Are You Ready...For Real Steel?!!

Assalamualaikum, everyone!!
Ok.  Monday was my first driving class.  It was ok I guess considering I didn't fall asleep.  Haha!  It was quite fun actually.  I couldn't stop laughing cos we all couldn't stop making crazy jokes.  And our instructors were insanely hilarious.  It was like they had too much caffeine in their system and too much water in their heads.  Haha!!


I hope nothing like this will happen when I take the test though....

I think I will be banned from any driving school in the country.  Hell, I'll be banned from driving even.  Haha!!  But honestly, I can't wait to get my license.  I'm tired of walking long distance from one place to another.  Maybe I'll pass the test easily Insya-Allah :-)

Anywho....Movie review time........

*Drum roll*

FINALLY...I saw the movie at Time Square and GSC Maxx is ginormously huge.  As if ginormous doesn't show how big it is.

From left: Petey, Miz, Wafi

The movie was EPIC.  Set in 2020 where boxing is a sport controlled by man but fought with robots.  People want more blood and violence.  So human boxing fads, robot boxing surfaces.  Hugh Jackman stars in this movie as a robot boxing guy who just can't get the money he needs.  That is until his son, acted by Dakota Goyo,who is a robot boxing fan came along.  What happens next? That's all you guys' work.  Hehe..But it is a must movie for 2011.  It is LEGEN (wait for it) DARY.  Hell yeah, man!

Well.  I got work in the morning.  So I guess I gotta hit the sack now.

See you guys on the flip side!!