Friday, 11 November 2011


Assalamualaikum, everyone!!

Well a little rant in the morning on my " board" here.  Yesterday I saw this movie on its premiere day....

I finally got to see it.  Greek mythology and war are 2 elements to a good movie that has fighting.  To me that is.  This story has Luke Evans as Theseus, a peasant turn warrior.  Evans was in The Clash of the Titans as the sun god Apollo but that was just a minor role.  He starred as the main character and he was pretty good in this one.  Mickey Rourke was the main bad guy/antagonist as King Hyperion.  He seeks the Enpirius Bow, a magical bow where an arrow appears when you pull the..."string" of the bow.  Hehe.  All in all  it was a great movie.  I think it would be better in 3-D though.  The fight scenes were epic.  Since the movie from the directors (or producers) of the movie 300, that's not really a surprise.

Anyway, I've been falling and getting up, falling and getting up.  It's driving me down a cliff.  I'm effing sick and tired of feeling like this.  Why can't a minotaur come to me and just put me out of my misery?  Can't I just roll down and fall asleep without any worries?  Just nothing to worry about and just music both punk rock and soft to ears.  Is that so hard? 

*Digs my grave and sets the shovel aside*

I'll jump in as soon as there is someone who can do me a big favour.  Maybe theses guys can.....

Yeah.  If only I was that lucky and find that too
Well.  I think I gtg.  Much to be done.  And more to be sorted out.

See you guys on the  flip side!!