Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Paris To China To Colorado?

*Gets out my new leaf blower and blows all the dust away*

Assalamualaikum, everyone!!

Hey, there.  Sorry for the leaf blower..AGAIN..What can I say?  Been really pyscho in the head right now.  Almost the same thing everyday.  The very life sucked out of my hopeless and lifeless body.  That's the use of optimism.  I don't really have it in me sometimes but I like to believe so.  Anywho, a lot's been happening since my last post.  Truth be told, the day after that last post was my birthday which is the 18th of October.  Hehe..Movies..Laughs..Melaka..Books..And maybe some stories and roads that aren't meant to be explored..First thing's first.............

Yeah!! Bought and read in a week!! And it was exam week.  Damn!! Haha..Great storyline and plotting.  Another awesome book by an awesome writer, The Myth Master, Rick Riordan.  Percy's back in this one.  Though, he had a memory problem that made him forget everything except one thing.  Well, I think that's for me to know and all of you to find out ;-) Anyway, there's another sequel called "The Mark of Athena".

*Sound of people awing at the background*

That's right.  Truth be told, I was pretty darn pissed with the ending.  Made me pulled my hair...and drank a few cans cola...Ok, maybe I was over-reacting..MAYBE.  I can't wait for the third book to come out.  SOOOOO...I think I have an idea to all Percy Jackson (PJ) fans......

HAHAHA...Hell yeah, man!  But seriously, kudos to him for the awesome stories..

Had a great birthday on the 18th.  Went to see The 3 Musketeers with some friends of mine

We had to watch it on 3-D.  Somehow it was quite good.  Though, the build up was a bit boring.  Almost fell asleep.  ALMOST.  The fight scenes were good though.  Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief) was the hero in the movie.  Orlando Bloom (The Lord Of The Rings, Pirates of The Caribbean) was a bad guy.  He wasn't really convincing though (Sorry to say)  But all in all a great movie to watch.  Just not..The Lord of The Rings great..hehe

Then for the weekend, my parents and I went to Melaka.  My ayah and his Putrajaya Urban Riders had a bike riding event in Melaka.  So my Ibu and I decided to tag along.  I'll let the picts do the talking......

Taming the tiger of our hotel XD

By this time, our stomachs were pissed at us.  Well...Maybe just me >_<

Random picture :-)

The royals of mine :-D

I finally get the chance to go here...

After *burrrp* 'scuse me O.o

I saw this movie a few days after the trip

The ending was insanely psychotically awesome...In a gruesome way..

It's getting late.  Trying to live for the next day have never been harder than this.  

For me, living for the next day is like trying to get out of quicksand.  The more you try the more you sink.

With that said, I think I wanna hit the sack...

See you guys on the flip side!!