Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Who's Your Daddy? / Road Trip!

 Who's your DADDY??!! :-D

A very Happy Father's Day to my dear Ayah.  You can call them with whatever kinds of names for a dad...Ayah..Papa.Daddy..Pappy.Bapak..He will still be the one who raised you and love you no matter what.Soooooo.....

Thanks for everything Ayah!! :'-) 

Just in case if everybody's figuring out where this picture is taken, it was in Cameron Highlands.  Everybody needs a vacation right? HAHA!! Though, I didn't go with just my ayah only.

 Heeeeeere's Ibu!! :-D

Lots of fun in Cameron.  LOTS...We stayed at a hotel hotel near Brinchang..or is it Tanah Rata? Wait, I can't remember laaaaa...aiyooooo


Anywho, we went to MARDI.  They had lots of cool vegies and fruits and what not.  It was awesome.  Hmm..kalo nk ikutkan la, I sedikit sebanyak kagum dgn nenek saya....


Saya dan Tok Esah yg dikasihi.  Posing baik punya

Yours truly.Hehe..X hensem sgt pun..tp ok laa :-D

Awww..So Sweeeeet :'-) Ibu and Ayah tercinta

Mamat ni mmg sempoi.  Masa I tangkap gambar leh plak die tunjuk "piece".  Haha

Watsup Doc??

Sampai skrg I'm thinking the msg yg die try nk bg @_@

Then we went to the pasar malam dkt2 our hotel tu.  Tp malang skali, there were too many things to look and buy sampai tak tertangkap gambar.  Sotong goreng..udang goreng..buah cameron..char kuey tiow..pehhh!! mmg layan gile mkn.  Bile balik hotel tu, secepat mana we bought the food, secepat tu la masuk perut kitorg (kalo nk ikutkan x de la cpt sgt..we had a late lunch.paham2 la ye? hehe) Kalo nk ikutkan,I was having a fever.  So mcm a bit tired la kot after all the walking and laughing with the family but I didn't care.  It was ALL worth it :-)

Well, to be honest, this post is more about the Father's Day celebration rather than the Cameron Trip.  I know it's a bit late but blame the wifi in my hostel for that will ya?  Say anything you want about him.  Jamalus b. Ramli is the best father in the world.  There's no adjective that can show how much I love him.  Well, I think I have an idea that only my family gets.  Hehe.  Nobody could ever replace a man like my ayah.  I can't say it enough.  I promise to be good.  I'll make you proud :'-) 

So on behalf of my ibu, big brothers and sisters-in law.....

Happy Father's Day Ayah!!
We all love you very strong!! ;-)

See you guys on the flip side!!