Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Everybody's Chasing Something

How y'all doin' y'all!!??

Hehe..  You know,being in college ain't that easy.  Those who've been there should know what I'm talking about.  Ok.  So maybe I'm still not buried under a pile of books.  NOT YET.  That, for one thing, is not something that I wanna chase.  Some people give chase on a lot of things.  A college degree, relationships, friendship.  Hell, there's also who chase the latest phones in the industry.  But for me, you know what I'm chasing?


Oh yeah.  It's friggin' hard to get any wifi connection from my room right now.  Even If I can, it will either be too slow or they'll ask for something I already did.  Like my password or login ID.  Thank you so much UTM.  Really T_T  Not even the cafe can get any signals.  *sighs*
But it's ok.  Maybe I can find something else to do.  I mean...blogging's not the only thing in the world right? ;-)
On a lighter note.  I can't wait for the next book for "Heroes of Olympus" series to come out.


October 2011's the release date of this bookSince I got a bro in another continent, maybe I can work my way on letting him buy it for me.  As a birthday present maybe.Hahaha!! I'm such a geek :-B

Anywho, this weekends the vacation.  Can't wait to go with my family.  Insya-Allah you'll be seeing pictures of it soon.  Till then, I gotta scoot.  See you guys on the flip side!!