Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Stay Up Late, We Don't Sleep

As Salam

I woke up feeling a bit VERY blurry in the head.  I slept late just so that I could finish some notes on ProgrammingIf it wasn't for the "motivational talk* we had last night, I think I could've let myself fall on the soft cloud that is my bed (Ok, so maybe it's not a cloud.  More like a brick-bed but hey, when you're tired you could even lie down on a bed of spikes and feel relaxed)  Anywho, I actually got all the notes my lecturer gave me.  It's just that my hand-writing's a bit suck-ish when I gotta write fast.  If only my BM teacher saw it, he'll give out his famous line, "Ini tulisan ke lukisan?" (Is this a writing or a drawing?) HAHAHA!!

Hmmm...It's my third week in college.  And I think I'm already starting to feel the pressure.  All the books I gotta buy...The kind of assignments.. T_T College is gonna be one bumpy ride.  3 years.  I'll manage..

Hell yeah I can.  Haha!! :-D

I've been playing tennis again lately after a I -don't -know-how-long hiatus.  The seniors are are doing try-outs to pick some players to go to UTM's main campus in JB.  So let's just say, I've been a bit healthier than usual. A BIT only.  Hehe.  To those who know me, pray that I get a spot, thank you.  Since every Wednesday my class doesn't start till 11 a.m, I could just online at the library.  Hehe..  Sneaky?? Hmm..probably.  Just until all the assignments and other pile of something I would not like to mention fall on me.  

Can't wait for Friday btw @_@.  What I can say..  Patience is a virtue right?? 

See you guys on the flip side!!