Thursday, 16 June 2011

Musical Fusion

You know..It's been a while since I last updated my music.  I mean everyday..the same kind of music I'll be hearing and from the same band too.  Well, some bands are just too addictive to be listened.
Oh yeah, it's addictive.  My favourite band ever!!

I listen to all kinds of music.  Well maybe my Malay playlist ain't a long one but hey, I'm getting use to it.  Most of it are mainstream actually.  So yeah.  I'm adapting to the Malay music scene.  Of course, maybe you're thinking, "Alaa budak ni.  Cakap je Melayu tp blog sume bahasa org putih".  

*Bahasa Melayu mode*

Untuk pengetahuan anda, saya sangat fasih berbahasa Melayu.  Sekurang-kurangnya saya mampu menguasai dua bahasa daripada hanya melekatkan diri pada Bahasa Melayu sahajaBuat malu sahaja pada orang2 luar yg dtg melancong ke Malaysia kalau kita tak reti cakap bahasa Inggeris.

*English mode*

Where was I?? *thinks deeply* hmmm..ok..I listen to a lot of songs.  From rock to pop, oldies to new age and even some nasyid songs.  You know what I can't stand? Those who say "Sorry la..Aku tak layan lagu2 mcm tu."  After that they'll give you lame excuses.  No class la...Old skool la..ntah ape lg la.  You'll never know something until you try it you know.  You might just like it.  Maybe some diversity people?? 


Anyway, you just gotta love listening to any kind of music.  Seriously..  It's what makes the world come together.  Well maybe there other things like sports and what not.  But still..Music connects us all.

See my point?? Hahaha!!

Hmmm..I really wish I could find a way to find new songs.  Got any ideas?? Comment and add me if you wish.. I gotta jet.

See you guys on the flip side!!