Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hey Everybody!!

As Salam to ALLLL!!

Hey.  I'm new.  So cut me some slack alrite? Haha!  All this talk about blogging just makes me wanna get off my lazy butt and just move my fingers in a creative way.  So honestly?  Any criticisms are welcomed of course.  Care to throw any of your bright ideas at me.  

Thanks to a nice awesome brother of mine (pandai2 la ye?? ;-) ) He helped me in setting this up.  Though I'll try take it up a notch from time to time if I get the chance.  To any of you who knows me, do follow as I spill the beans on some stuff that I hear, see or even dig up in this little noggin' that I have.  Since I'm in college, I might have some problems on updating.  But never fear...I can find my way! *insert heroic sound effect here*

Alrite.  I gtg.  Bye!!