Friday, 21 September 2012

The One With The Violin

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamu'alaikum, y'all!!

I think if you guys remember this post, you might know that I'm seriously obsessed with her.  Music is just one of those things that gets me going you know?  And now that the awesome and not to mention beautiful Lindsey Stirling just released her album, I just can't stop listening to her music.

She's this awesome violinist who plays the violin in an amazing way and she dances too.  She just released a new song, Elements, which is also a track in her album.

You guys can check out both her YouTube channels.  Here to check out here music videos and her new one which she decides to upload random stuff like Behind the scenes and violin tutorials and stuff like that.

I've listened to almost all of her songs.  It's addictive.  And I don't actually know anything about violins.  If anybody buys me her album for my birthday, seriously I will love that person FOREVER!!  Haha!! XD

I got class at 8.  It's 6.45 and I 'stoink'.  Gotta jet.  Stay awesome, people!!

See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S: 'Stoink' is just another level of stink.  It's stinker than the stinkest  ;-D