Saturday, 3 March 2012

All I Want Is Your Friendship

Assalamualaikum, everyone!!
Since I don't really know what to spill on the "canvas" here, I just thought I wanna share a little story.  It's an old story and some of you may have heard it but I put a little Islamic twist in it.  This was edited by me a long time ago.  And I do not own the original story.  Enjoy



There were these 2 guys.  Best friends as a matter of fact.  They were on a journey to find peace.  I'll name them Johan and Jehan.  Johan was carrying a basket full of fish.  Jehan carried other things like the tent and sejadah.  They were walking in the woods where Johan suddenly trip over a root of a big tree.  All the fish in the basket fell out.  He didnt take the fish and put it in the basket cos he thought that it might be dirty.  He didnt tell Jehan cos he was scared that Jehan might be mad.

At the shores of a beach.  They prayed the maghrib (dusk) prayers Isya' prayers and set up their camp.....

"Let's fry some fish," Jehan said.
"I'm sorry Jehan but all the fish fell out when we were walking in the woods", Johan said
"Why didnt you say anything you idiot??!!," scowled Jehan as he hit his friend.

Johan told him to take ablution (wudhu').  Jehan was calmer but was a bit confused..


The following morning after breakfast, Johan wrote on the sand using a stick...


Jehan didn't say anything and they all moved on.

They were searching for a cave for a place that they can meditate and find peace.  So they went cross a creek.  Johan stepped on a slippery rock and almost fell on the sharp rocks.  Jehan quickly grabbed his hand and saved hm.  After that, Johan took a small rock and carved on a very large rock...



After being confused for too long he asked Johan why he did those things.

"Well..all the anger you showed, I wrote it on the sand cos all the waves can wipe the anger away.  The night before,I told you to take ablution. "Anger is from syaitan.And syaitan is of fire.  To extinguish fire is by using water.So do your ablution" (H.R Ahmad)," Johan explained

"OK.  What about what happened at the creek?,"

"You saved my life, dude.  I'm grateful.  And you wouldnt have done that if you're not my friend rite?," said Johan.

Jehan nodded..

"I carved that on a rock cos that will stay there forever.  Well maybe some mould or fungus mite cover it up.  But if you wipe it off it will still be there.  Sort of..."

After hearing that, Jehan apologized and thank Johan.  They found the cave they were searching for..They died their knowing that they had their faith in God and a friend by their side (It's a bit mushy and icky..I know :-p)


So relax and ponder.  And tell me what do you think of this..Thanx!! Hehe..


See you guys on the flip side!!