Friday, 22 March 2013

TGIJ - Thank God It's Jumu'ah

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamu'alaikum, dudes and dudettes!!

Well, yesterday was the results for SPM 2012.  To be honest, I couldn't care less.  I mean yeah, I got cousins who did the exams but it just wasn't 'all that' for me.  Whether they got good results or not, I don't wanna ask them.  It's a burden.

Anywho, to those who didn't get straight A's, don't you ever give up.  Maybe your way of studying works in college.  I didn't get straight A's but I turned out alright.  I THINK....

To those who did.  Congrats!!  Celebrate while you can, lads!!  Cos it'll be the last time you'll ever see an 'A+" on your transcript..EVER..AGAIN..

*Queue evil laugh*

Whatever the result was, wake up, guys!!!!  High school's over.  You won't be spoon fed.  You're on your own now, kid.  Sort of.....

(Buat gempak je aku ni)

On another mixed feelings sorta note,  I just did the 1st paper of final exam for my current semester (4th).  Electronics II.  It was easy.  I mean the questions were easy but I couldn't remember some of the formulae.  I went out of the exam hall with my head down.  But hey, what's done is done.  I did my best.  So I'll just let Allah S.W.T do the rest.  He IS after all the Best of Planners.

Next stop, Islamic Institutions.  May He help me from this hurricane of mine.............

By the way, TGIJ - Thank God It's Jumu'ah!

See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S: Have you guys ever wondered what a duck would look like when it does the moonwalk? :-O