Thursday, 2 May 2013

MRSM KK Batch of 06-08 Back To School!

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamu'alaikum, everyone!!

Hold on a sec eh?

*Gets out a leaf blower and blows all the cobwebs out*

Sorry bout that.  And sorry for being away for so long.  Been busy with some stuff.  The MRSM KK programme 2 weekends ago and the tennis training selection for the whole of last week.

I spent 3 years in MRSM KK.  Through out 7th to 9th grade (F1 to F3).  I had some rough times.  Me being the youngest of four insane awesome brothers did always wanted to go back home and even wanted to quit MRSM for good.  Come to think of it, thank GOD I didn't.

We only handled the 9th graders (F3).  Fine by me anyway.  Wouldn't be where I am right now.  So here are some shots from the minute I touched down in Seremban on the 19th of April till the 21st.......

Fauzan (Poje) drove Fikri, Fattah, Athirah and I from Seremban to MRSM KK.  Thanx brah!
Amirul (Mok), Udin and Faarih joined us at Pattana.  You're not from MRSM KK if you don't know that place

From left: Udin, Poje and Fadzli (Pajie).  This picture was taken on a bridge that wasn't finished during my time.
Firdaus a.k.a Pidot (Left) was the "akar tunjang" of this programme.  Kudos to you, man!
From left: Faizin, Zul, Soffian (Pian), Poje (AGAIN) and Naim during the last discussion before the programme.
Poje giving a short speech as lead fascilitator on the 1st day of "Back To School".

Quite a lot to control.  And this is just the boys.

LDK 1 (Latihan Dalam kumpulan): Pasar Borong

From left: Kak Wani, Mok and Faedzwan
By the way, I used the picture of those 3 guys up there on Instagram.  Y'all can find my name, Syauqi Kusyairi..Or.....


Kids from my group making the group's emblem.  Chiko cos they spinned it off from my nickname, Choki.  Haha!!

LDK 2: Universiti Impianku (My Dream University)
Some groups did a presentation but all of their dream universities had the essentials.  Some didn't even make sense.  But hey, it's a kid's point of view innit?

Pidot debriefing and briefing us...

From left: Naim, Zul, Fikri, Roslan, Faizin, Kak Rifki, Ustadzah Wan Asma, Kak Wani, Faedzwan, Mok, Fattah and me.
I guess that pretty much wrapped the first day.  Later that day we played futsal actually.  Didn't actually take any pictures cos we were all playing up at the field.  I haven't played for quite a long time.  Still got 2 goals though.  Not too shabby eh??  Haha!!

The next day = Last day!!  It was just from 8 a.m to around 12 p.m....
Striking a pose after Fajr prayers and breakfast

Girls slapping each other (lightly btw) to wake up

Same for the boys.  Our orders.  Hehe.  It's good being the seniors innit?
F.Y.I: I rarely get serious when taking pictures.  Not really photogenic either.

Me and "Chiko".  Faizin's just butting around.  Haha!
Due to some technical difficulties, all of us had to move from the hall to the Surau.....

LDK 4: Pelaburan (Investment)

Zul mingling with the kids

Ikin (The one in the purdah) and the gang during the count of stickers for groups.  The stickers were like points.

Event hough I'm short, I'm still the senior.  Haha!!

It's ok to go crazy sometimes innit?  Haha!!

Me and Syakirah

Mok and Syakirah.  We had lotsa fun teasing them.  Haha!!

Can you find something that's a little bit off?

From left: Me, Cikgu Noriha, Faizin, Pian, Roslan, Syafiq, Pidot and Naim.

It was an awesome time to get together with these people.  There's not many picture of the girls though.  We had Fikri as the official photographer and he didn't have to be the fascilitator of any groups (neither did Pidot, Poje, Zahrah who was the lead fascilitator for girls and Syafiq) so he has most of the pictures.

After 5 years, it was rad.  A lot has changed.  During my time, there were only students in the F1 to F3.  Now they added the F4 and F5 students.  Some structures there weren't finished by the time it was my last day.  Some weren't even there.

It was a pleasure to see all of you again guys.  My thanks go to these people............

Pidot, Poje, Pian, Syafiq, Faizin, Fikri, Zul, Afzal, Faedzwan, Mok, Fattah, Roslan, Faarih, Udin, Azmi, Pajie, Naim, Safwan, Ayoi and Syahir.

Not forgetting the girls too......

Zahrah, Athirah, Das, Farah, Azira, Fakhriah, Syakirah, Yasmin, Jenon, Ikin, Kak Wani and Kak Rifki.

Sorry if I left out a name.  See all of you again soon In Sya-Allah.  5 more years and counting!

See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S: After coming back on Sunday, the next day I started the "Tennis Week".  More of that in my next post!