Saturday, 4 May 2013

A Busy Week

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamu'alaikum, y'all!!

As some of you might know, I had 10 days of stuff to do.  3 of those days were spent in MRSM KK.  You guys can check that out at the post before this one.  We had a number of students coming along.  Besides the tennis team, the futsal, softball teams and a volleyball player went along.  My training started on the 22nd of April to the 25th.  The selection for MASUM (Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia) was on the 27th and 28th.  On the 22nd Aji came to my house and brought me to the hostel and we all (the whole tennis team) met up.  After prayers, we had to go to that tennis store in Ampang Park to get some new gear.  And I did.  I LOVE THEM!!

It's got the same designs as the last but more colours.  Haha!!  It felt great using them when I played too.

Aji, UTM KL's tennis team manager, during our dinner the night we got to KSJ.
From left: Nabil, Aji, Salihin and yours truly, Syauqi.  ;-)
And so the next day, we started it all.  Tuesday to Thursday from 7.30 a.m to 7 p.m, we all dropped our blood sweat and tears in our training.....

Aji.  *Sighs* He has his moments -___-"

He's too wiped out.  But the training that day just started T____T"

2nd day, ranking day.  We fought against each other to see who was on top.

I'm small.  I know.  So don't rub it in :-P

I lost to Aji 4-3 but I was optimistic

It was "first to reach four games".  I lost 4-3 in the first match against Aji but I won the next 4.  Aziz (Ajis) wasn't with us cos he was busy.  He's the guy that we had to beat but hey, I was on top that day and it felt pretty damn good.

The next day we just did training drills....

Cans for the balls as targets

Throughout our training we didn't get to train much from 5 to 7 p.m cos of rain.  At least we got some things from our sessions.

Friday was the day for us.  Off to UTM Skudai after the Friday Prayers.  We went off at 4.30 p.m and we had a flat going into the P.D-Seremban intersection on the highway at 6.30.  To say that it was a small flat tire was clearly an understatement................

None of us had any idea what the bus went over.
When we've waited for about 20 minutes, we all just started cam-whoring...........

2 of the bus's drivers and Syafiq, our tennis player working on the bus.
I have another year to ride with this bus

Syahida [(Syida) red scarf] and Nabil

There's Ajis in white.  At the back there are the guys' futsal team
As some of you might see, these pictures are taken at night.  We were stranded at the side of the highway, waiting for a spare tire (we only had the jack) for over 5 hours.  We headed to Seremban at 11.45 p.m to get a late dinner.  Just so you know, we arrived in Seremban at 12.10 a.m the next day.  We arrived in UTM Skudai at 5.15 a.m, Saturday.  What should've been a 5-hour bus ride turned to an over 12-hour bus ride.


So basically we didn't get any sleep cos we had to ride the bus to go the University's stadium at 6.30 a.m.  And the fitness test was at 9 right after an aerobic session at 7.30.  It was bloody tiring.  For the first day we had to do a bleep test where you have to run 20 meters from one marker to another in between "bleeps".  There are levels and as you increase in levels, the time between bleeps are shortened.  Some just did till level 5 or 6.  The highest I heard was 11.  I got 10.  So not too shabby eh?  Haha!!

After that we started the tennis sessions.  I didn't take any pictures cos I was trying to focus on my gameplay.  It was my first time playing with the Skudai players so I just wanted to make a good 1st impression on the first day.....

Asyraf (guy in the orange tracks) was a former student in UTM KL.

So is Daus on the left there.
The first day was ok.  I won 2 of the 2 matches I played.  Did some forehand winners.  Also did a successful drop shot.  I guess I could say I made a good first impression eh?

2nd day..........

Us after the 3 km run-fitness test.  I did it in 16 minutes and 14 seconds.  Not bad right?

Shazrin (Rin) and Haziqah (Iqa).  Our 2 players that are doing their degree in UTM KL.

From left: Syafiq (I think), Awi, Aizat, Syafiq, Salihin and Aji.

Shoes play a key role in your game too I think

We all had to wait at the stadium cos it was raining.  It rained till the afternoon in fact

"Always make a total effort even when the odds are against you."  So true.

On the last day, it kept raining from 8 a.m till afternoon so we didn't play any tennis.  And there will be a 2nd selections on the 24th-26th of June.  Our players are suppose to be filtered cos now us guys have 20 players.  For MASUM, we only need 10.  Since we only played 2 matches, all 20 of us will be going back again for the 2nd selections.  The girls all have a place since there's only a few of them.

We made a few stops here and there on he way back to KL and Alhamdulillah we arrived safely.

Well, I think I bored you guys enough.  On another note I might be working at my old place again next week.  Making drinks and all that.  Can't wait.

By the way, In Sya-Allah I'll be live tweeting Manchester United's home game against Chelsea tomorrow (Sunday) at 10 p.m (Malaysian time) live at Old Trafford (from my home).  To any of you who wants to see the tweets can follow me on Twitter by finding my name, Syauqi Kusyairi or.........


See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S:  Tomorrow is Election Day.  Happy voting to those eligible.  Choose wisely ;-)