Wednesday, 24 October 2012

'Awakening' or 'Revelation'?

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Assalamu'alaikum, peeps!!

Well, I've been working on the new chapter for my 'UK Tales' series.  Not really sure about the title though. Here's a sneak preview of my coming chapter, Awakening.....Or Revelation depending on my deeper 'research'.


It's a Wednesday and my daily routine was the usual.  Get up, take a shower, watch the telly, go online, watch more T.V and go to sleep.  Of course, my Solat, meals and time of playing and taking care of Ariq were in between that routine.  Today, however, there was a little change in my schedule.

Hannah asked me if I wanted to go somewhere.  She called me a few days ago.  After our first meeting, she added me on Facebook and asked for my phone number.  I was flattered to be honest.  She wanted to show the sights and wondered if I wanna do some shopping.  "Well, I did see a bag I wanted.  I think I saw it when my parents and I went to Petticoat Lane," I told her.  "Oh, Petticoat Lane.  Yup, it's like the Petaling Street of London over there," she said.

"That's exactly what I thought," I said.  I was liking this girl more and more.

"Cool.  Kita pergi hari Rabu nanti nak?"

"Rabu?  Hannah, I tengah vacation.  You lain cerita.  Hehe.  Don't you have classes?"

"Actually, no.  My classes are cancelled.  So macam mana?  Nak I teman kan?

"Well, promise me that you let your parents know la.  Haha.  Don't want anything bad to happen now, do we love?" I said with a hint of British.

"Hehe.  Of course la I'll tell them.  Don't worry about that."

"Alright then.  You know, I tak selalu naik bus tau.  Asyik naik DLR dengan Tube je.  How about we take the bus?"

"Bus?  I don't actually know how la, Syauqi."

"It's ok.  I ingat the first time I went there with my parents.  Just take the 135 from ASDA.  Kita stop dekat Liverpool Street."

"Hehe.  Ingat pulak you kan?"

"Yup.  Just in case I nak pergi mana-mana.  Macam I keluar dengan you ni la."

"Ok.  See you on Wednesday, Syauqi."

"Insya-Allah, my lady," if I was talking to her face to face, I would've bowed.


Well, that's it for now.  You guys can read Chapter 1 of 'UK Tales' HERE.  I'm currently trying to finish it but Insya-Allah I'll post here AND in my notes on FB in a week since I finished my exams already.

See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S: Home sweet home!!  :-D