Wednesday, 7 December 2011

We Have To Go Back To The Future!


This time my class didn't get cancelled.  Haha!! My group's Physics lab is next week.  So we get to rest for a bit.  First off, music news coming!!  Two of my favourite bands just released their new video from their new albums. 

We The Kings (WTK) of Sunshine State Florida

All Time Low (ATL) from Baltimore, Maryland
Hell Yeah, man!! Haha!!  Fell in love with these 2 bands since...I can't remember O.o So it's easier to say that I've been loving their music for a long time.  And as they make more music n more albums, their music just keeps getting better and better.  WTK released their new single "Say You Like Me" from their latest album Sunshine State of Mind.  The song's also an interactive game that you can play here.  When you mix an awesome band and a game that they're in, you just gotta love it.  XD

Next is ATL.  I've been listening to WTK longer than these guys but you gotta admit.  They make great music too.  Their latest single from their album Dirty Work is "Time-Bomb".  You can't argue with a band that still makes awesome music even after their fourth album.  

By the way, all you music lovers might know this but to those who don't, there will be some famous acts coming down to Malaysia next year.  

That is, if I'm not mistaken.  I'm pretty sure Simple Plan and Avril Lavigne will be coming.  As for Coldplay, I heard rumours.  It will be awesome if they come though.

Honestly?  I miss performing in front of a crowd.  The feeling of having everybody singing along with you.  Jumping up and down with the band on the floor and on the stage (So far, I haven't seen anybody do a stage dive yet.  It would be awesome though)  Hearing people shouting and screaming your name when you do a guitar solo.  And of course that big applause you get after finishing a song.

Yup.  Those were the days.  Hopefully I'll get the chance again.  I'm in college!  Surely I'll get a chance.  I think T___T"

Well, I got EFAS to go in half an hour.  I guess I gotta go.

See you guys on the flip side!!

P/S: If you appreciate music click the links to ATL's and WTK's latest music ;-)