Monday, 19 December 2011

Hey, Soul Sister!

Assalamualaikum, everybody!!

After God knows for how long, I finally got to see one of my little sisters (adik angkat), Sabreena a.k.a Sab.  She asked if I wanted to tag along with her and her friends, who were my juniors during my MRSM KT days, to the comic fest at KLCC last Saturday.  I said yes.  She came a bit late so I spent about half an hour reading a book at Kinokuniya,which I bought.  Hehe..  We met after the Zohor prayers.  I saw Sya2 first.  Then As and Sab came along.  A few minutes later Sab's friend, Wan, tagged along.  He's this giant "plushy" guy that's always finding point s to annoy Sab.  So we teamed up quite well I guess.  We had lunch first since we can enter the thing at 3.30.  An old friend of mine from KK, Zuhair, was also there too.  He was meeting some friends so I suggested that he had lunch with us.  After that we went to the place.  The line was like crazy long.  A few minutes after that, "Today's tickets are no longer sold" (or something like that.


To me it was fine, though I'd like to see what it was like, being around all the people in costume and all that.  But everybody knows I'm more of a sports, movie and music buff.  Sab on the other hand was crushed.  The bubbliness was sucked right out of her.  Really pitied her.  She was looking forward to it for a long time I guessed.  As her little big brother, I guess I didn't do anything much to cheer her up.  Sorry sis..


So we just sorta hung around Kinokuniya for a while.  Then I went to Rock Corner with Sya2 to look at some CDs.  Sya2 and I talked about lots of random stuff.  School..College..Relationships..Life as we know it..And what's to come..  Then we met up with Sab again.  Hafid, one of my juniors from KK who went to TGB with Sab came along with his brother.  

But of course, all good things have an ending.

Sab and As and the others had to go back.  Sya2 can go back whenever she wanted that night cos her parents weren't around.  Just her and her brother.  Since we wanted to go back after Maghrib, we had some time to kill.  So we went to the food court and had ABC.  It was ok the ABC.  But it was a while since I had one.  So it did it's job.  Hehe...

At the end of the day, I got to hang out with some friends, met old ones and re-connect with my little sister who, as a "big" brother, I really care about.  She texted an apology text later that night about the day being a bust.  Haha!!  That's a bit ridiculous cos I did have a good time.  Every second of the day was worth it.


And I also got this......

I'm halfway through the book already.  Nothing like a good book to keep my mind out of things....

So I wanna thank all these people who were awesome enough to invite me and go along.....

Roslan (Coincidence by the way O.o)
(And some guys that I can't remember.  Hehe..)

See you guys on the flip side!!