Thursday, 24 October 2013


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamu'alaikum. people!!

I actually don't know what to post.  To be honest, I've been on my butt since I came back 2 weeks ago.  True, I love the rest I'm getting on this semester break.  The only 'action' I'm getting is just driving to 'giant' to buy groceries.  That and going out to have teh tarik.


Although, I was looking at my 'Notes' on Facebook.  And I saw a note that I apparently drafted a little over 3 years ago.  And it's called "Utter Randomness".  I seriously can't remember when I made it.  It was a loooooong time ago so some things have changed.  A lot actually.  Here it is....


Available: You can say that.
Age: Just turned 20 six days ago but I feel so young.  Haha!! XD
Annoyance: Pressure to do well in studies.
Allergic: Nothing that I know of.
Animal: You mean pets? Meh..
Actor: Jason Statham.  He's just too awesome.

Beer: NO.  To any other alcohol for that matter
Birthday/Birthplace: 18th October, Selangor.
Best Friends: Petey, Q, Fatin, Aji..
Best feeling in the world: After Solat.
Best weather: Based on my experience? Spring! ^___^
Been on stage?: Drama, Band performance (I wanna do this again!), elocution, prize giving ceremony..
Believe in yourself?: At times
Believe in life on other planets: Don't know...ask my brothers.  If you know what I mean..hahaha!!!
Believe in miracles: Not really
Believe in Magic: Nope..
Believe in God: Of course I do....
Believe in Satan: Yes...HATE HIMMMM!!!
Believe in Santa: Nope...
Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Mixed feeling about this.
Believe in Evolution?: All just a bunch of crap bag ; )

Candy: Toblerone.  The white one :-)
Colour: Red
Cried in school: For good reasons
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
Chinese/Mexican: Que? (Pronounced 'Kay?')
Countries to visit: Saudi Arabia, the UK, Turkey, Italy among others.  Too many laaaa.

- Day or Night: Night
- Dream vehicle: Anything sporty and new
- Dance in the rain?: No thanks..
- Dance in the middle of the street?: Nope...bad experience?  Hehehe
- Do the splits?: HAHAHAHA!!! I ain't that limber.

- Eggs: Sunny side up
- Eyes: One big, one small
- Everyone has: hmmm...ask them laaa...
- Ever failed a class?: Don't ask

First crush: None of your business..hehehe; )
Full name: Donno
First thoughts waking up: What am I gonna do today?? hmmm.  And "What time is it?"
Food: Mom's cooking...

Greatest Fear: God...
Goals: Study in the UK, get married and build a family, sponsor my parents' Hajj.
Get along with your parents?: Yup
Good luck charms: I don't believe in those stuff.

Hair Colour: Mine? Black but a bit red in the sunlight
Height: 160++
Happy: :-D
Holidays: After diploma, 5-6 months of it.  Haha!
How do you want to die: In Faith to Islam
Health freak?: I eat junk food almost everyday....what do you think????

I(In guys/girls)
Eye colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Dark
Height: My height
Characteristics: Good sense of humour, strong Imaan to remind me, respectful to others and good manners
Instrument: Music? Guitar. (:

Jewellery: Rings.  Religious reasons.
Job: Manager at Lindsey Stirling Malaysia!! ;-)

Kids: OH NOO!!! (Hehehehe)
Kickboxing or karate: Neither...I have my own style..hehehe
Keep a journal?: Does a blog count?

Longest Car Ride: Stuck in traffic for 8 hours from Taiping to Shah Alam
Love: My religion
Laughed so hard you cried: Ohhh yeeaaah.  Almost everyday XDDD
Love at first sight: I'm a hopeless romantic.  So yeah.  I guess I believe it a little bit.

Milk flavour: Chocolate.
Movie: TOO MANY.  Mostly comedy.  Currently it's 'Grown Ups'.  1 and 2.
Mooned anyone?: Haha! I wish.  To A LOT of people but I'm too good for that ;-)
Marriage: I want to but He has His plans set for me.  Hopefully :-)
Motion sickness?: Nope.
McD's or BK: BOTH...!!  But if I have to choose, McD.  I don't actually believe in rumours until I see it in front of me

Number of Siblings: 4
Number of piercings: None
Number: 25 ;-)

Overused phrases: "Tak tau", "Tu la pasal", "X leh bla", "Meh"
One wish: World peace??
One phobia: Losing the ones you love..

Place you'd like to live: My house.  If country wise, UK
Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi.

Quail: Nope
Questionnaires: Been there, done that.  Countless of times.

Reason to cry: A lot.  But sometimes none whatsoever.  Seriously.
Reality T.V.: The Voice? I like it
Radio Station:, but to be honest I rarely listen to the radio now.

Song: Lindsey Stirling!!!! Love her and her songs!
Shoe size: 6-7.
Slept outside: In a tent. In a forest.
Seen a dead body?: Oh yeaaaah.
Smoked?: S**T NO...
Skinny dipped?: Never..
Sing well?: Not sure...
In the shower?: You mean SING in the shower? All the time.
Swear?: Not on purpose
Stuffed Animals?: No, thanks..
Single/Group dates: Doesn't long as I'm with 'her'.
Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries I think.  More filling.

Time for bed: Who need's a bedtime?
Thunderstorms: I just sink into the couch.
Touch your tongue to your nose: Tried that...Sprained my tongue >____<"

Unpredictable: You have no...Idea.  Usually with my friends.
Under the influence?: I don't drink, remember?
Understanding?: Think so...

Vegetable you hate: A lot
Vegetable you love: A lot too..
Vacation spot: Europe...

Weakness: Crying loved ones.
When you grow up: I wanna be an engineer with a ginormous paycheck and an awesome family of my own.
Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Petey.  No doubt.
Who makes you laugh the most: Closest friends.
Wanted to be a model?: Never.
Where do we go when we die: We return to HIM...Akhirah.
Worst weather: Hot and dry...

X-Rays: Hmmm...X-ray visions?? COOL!!! hahaha

-Year it is now: 2013.
-Yellow: Bananas??

Zoo animal: Baby panda! :-D
Zodiac sign: Libra but I don't believe in those stuff.


It was 3 years ago and half of this was edited.  I'd like to think that I'm a better person than I was then.


See you guys on the flipside!!

P.S: People can change.  The question is 'For better or worse?'