Monday, 5 September 2011

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Assalamualaikum everybody!!

Ok.  I know it's a bit late.  But better that than never right?? Ahahaha!!  Currently in UTMICKL.  Finished the holidays already.  That feeling sucks btw


Oh well.  Good things have an ending right?  Went to Taiping, Perak on the last day of Ramadhan (29th August) So we celebrated the first day of Eid at my Grandma's house.  Besides salam-ing and hugging my relatives and all that, all I wanted to do was filling my "stummy" with.............


Hahahah...Oh yeeaaaaah...It's been a while since I felt that bloated though.  I'm all skin and bones.  But when I eat, trust me.  I eat.  ;-)

We also had some BBQ-ing at my grandma's house a few nights later (1st Sept) It was great..


Drinks...BBQ-ed chicken..Fried and GIANT little nephew, Kaisan (Almost a year and a half) down...right...AWESOME....

I think it's better to show all of y'all the picts ;-)

Ibu : Jaga ibu and ayah nnt ok? Me : Of course, Ibu.  I will :'-)

Alamak!! Paparazzi's coming!! hahaha ;-)

Parents..Aunts and uncles and dearest 'Tok'

Me..'Tok' n Cuzins :-D "Awet muda"
I'm a bit different in the pict.  But that makes me who I am :-)

The "Royals" at the BBQ :-D

Abg cik, mkn la elok2 skit.hahaha!!

Sori for the blurry pict.  Kaisan's carrying a big bottle by it's neck :-D haha

Hehehe...just for giggles..

After Raya-ing, we got back to Shah Alam on Thursday.  The next day, we went to PD, N.Sembilan for a little family vacation.  My ayah booked an apartment for our family before raya.  It was cool 


Here are some picts of the P.D trip....

Kak Aza, Along and their bundle of joy :-D

Ok.  One of my last picts before I cut my hair.haha

Kaisan getting friendly with the tide

"Where's the waiter?"

Fly, Kaisan! Fly! :-D
We got back to Shah Alam on Saturday.  I got back to UTM on Sunday.  As I'm typing this, it's Monday.

Had an awesome holiday even though I had to go through some 'turbulence' along the way.  I guess these fake smiles I'm throwing will grow into genuine ones...


Thanks to my friends in Shah Alam for the laughs on the road on those late nights.  Especially to Petey and Fatin.  Seriously guys, we have to do it again... :-D

I have an idea for a story in my head.  But I think I have to settle a few things first.  So visit my 'board' here to see and read it.  Blood, sweat and tears..laughs.  I think I have something in my noggin' ;-)

See you guys on the flip side!!