Wednesday, 28 September 2011

This Is A Strange-Enough New Play On Words

*Gets out my leaf blower and blows all the dust and cobwebs from my "board"*

Assalamualaikum everybody!!

Sorry for the dust and all.  Wanted to use the vacuum cleaner but I think the leaf blower did the trick already.  It's been a while.  A LOOOONG while.  I'm currently at home.  Might be going back tonight Insya-Allah.  It's the study week for UTM.  Plus, I wasn't feeling so good last weekend so I decided to go home for a few days.  My final exam's next week.  Been a bit psycho crazy with books and all that.

Thank Engineering Maths for this.  Haha..Books, pencils, pen, paper, lappy.  Yeah..It could get me started alright.

Been studying for a few hours.  So my stomach rumbled told me to find something to fill it up.  So I decided to take a 10-minute walk to the nearest Micky D's and get me a double cheeseburger.  And a sundae too.  Haha..


Well, my final exam's just around the table (Around the corner seems too far in a way @.@)  I've been freaking out lately.  Been worried sick about how I'll do.  This ain't your typical school exam.  This and other stuff like quizzes and all that determines what I'll be doing and where I'll go.  I need all the people who mean the most to me.


I have my family that's for sure.  I love them so much right now.  So grateful to have them by my side.  A guy like me can never ask something better than a loving family.


Now, I need my friends.  My closest friends are from my primary school days and I still contact them.  Whether on Facebook or twitter or by phone.  At least I try to contact them and ask how they're doing.  Just a phone call or even a simple text message.  I just wish I could....I don't know..Just..see them or hear from them again.  Make me feel wanted.  I just wanna apologize to everybody.  I'm not good at making apologies.  But yeah, I try to do so.  I'm sorry to everyone.  Near or far, for all of my wrong-doings, hurtful words and rash actions


I'm not perfect.  Never will be.  Don't plan to be I think.  It's because of this imperfection I am who I am.  I just try to be a better person.  That's all.  I don't want any bad blood between me and anybody else.  Especially my family and friends.  So yeah.  


All I know is I'll try to help those that I'm able to help Insya-Allah.  But I need all the help I can get too.

Well..I gotta jet.  I might not be good at showing my emotions.  Might not be good at HIDING them either.  I just gotta say that...I'm still breathing (Alhamdulillah). Hehehe.. ;-)

See you guys on the flip side!!