Monday, 30 December 2013

Like Their Masters Were Behind Them (Part 1)

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamu'alaikum, everyone!!

2 more days till 2014.  No pressure.  It's just another year, innit? It's been colourful and bleak and all shades of the rainbow and the colour chart.  Haha!!

Some are good and some are bad.  Some caught me by surprise.  And it was ME surprising ME.  If that made sense.  This post is sort of a 2-parter so I'm gonna put up my 2013 review in photos and this post is for the first 6 months of 2013.  In some months, it was  just a drag but who needs details, right?


January and February were just plain.  Although, I DID reconnect with a VERY old friend.  She's in the States now.  I surprised myself to be honest, sending that message.  But hey, it was for the best.  I sorta got what I wanted.

The highlight of March was a dinner.  It was called 'MAG' but I'm not sure what it stood for.  I love going to stuff like that.  It's not everyday you clean up and dress up all nice.  I tried to audition for a performance that night.

Sure enough, Lyssa and I didn't get it.  Still, the dinner was ok.

Gentleman of 3DDPE...And Daul.  Haha!! ;-)

I'm Kusyairi..Syauqi Kusyairi...PFFFFT.

Martini...Shaken,not stirred.

I'd like to think I looked rather dashing that night XDDD

It got better when this happened....

Hell yeah! Haha!! A printer for my lucky draw prize.  I might not got the chance to perform but that made up for it.

April came up and it was quite the tiring month.  Went to a 'Back To School' program at MRSMKK.  It was a blast.  Then I went to the try-outs for UTM's MASUM tennis team a day after I got back from the program T____________T"

Poje picked me and a few others up.  Lad XDDD

Night of arrival.  Dinner at the 'usual' place

Head facilitator and coordinator, Pidot (left) 

They didn't have that when we were there..I think.

Wazzuuuuup! XDDD

Pijin (sitting,on the right), the lucu one.  Haha!
With Ustadzah Asma.

These kids! They be crazy, man!

Haaaa..The awesome and 'sempoi' Cikgu Riha.  Thanks, Cikgu!!

Abang-abang dan akak-akak facilitator...

The try-outs gave me quite the tan........

They're quite in a different shade now...

This was the cause for us being stuck by the highway for 6 hours

No idea T____T"

I feel you, bro.

It was a few days before June that I got a text, saying I got a spot in the team.  MASUM was in August so those pictures will be up in my next post, In Sya-allah.

See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S: I despise haters.