Monday, 11 February 2013

A Slice of Me

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamu'alaikum, y'all!!

Everybody has their own personality, right?  And they have their own way of showing it.  So do I..........

Haha!!  My personalities (most of 'em) all on one small carpet.  Maybe I'll walk you guys through this.......

As you can see, there's a "Prince" bag.  That's my tennis bag.  My racquet and other equipment's in there.  I'd put my shoes in there but I didn't wanna get the carpet dirty.  I'm a very active guy.  I play all kinds of sports.  It runs in the family actually.  I just focus on football and tennis right now.  Hehe..

Next is the guitar over there.  I love music, performing and I have my own taste.  Enough said...


The shirt and jeans up there shows that I'm quite fashionable.  I dress up occasionally of course.  I have my formal side and I have my chilled-out side.  There's no wrong in being a fashionable guy right?  Haha!!

In between my jeans and guitar are a couple of novels.  I love reading, you guys.  Mostly of the fantasy genre but I guess I experiment on others too.  I do write stories myself as well.  So far I've written 4.  Only 2 of them are actually related to the other.  You guys can check it out by clicking the "My Own Self-made Stories" label.


The books above the novels are the books that I use in college.  It's not a secret that I'm an engineering student in UTM KL.  Electronic engineering to be exact.  Future audio engineer In Sya-Allah.

The red baju Melayu is my heritage.  True, my blog is in English but I am also fluent in Malay and am proud of my heritage.  I'd put my al-Quran and kain pelikat along to show that I'm a devout Muslim but I didn't wanna put the Book on the floor.

Lastly, you can see a small glass bottle on the baju Melayu.  That's actually my cologne.  I love using fragrances.  Not only for accessory reasons but also that it's a sunnah.  The Prophet P.B.U.H loves using fragrances.  So I thought I'd try.  Since I started using cologne 4 years ago, I keep buying them.  The cheaper ones of course.  Haha!!

There you go.  This explains some stuff about me but there's more to me of course.  Those close to me know this for sure.  I'm quite the eccentric.  Haha!!

See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S: Man United take on Real Madrid in the Champions League this Thursday in the Barnabeau.  Can't wait!!