Thursday, 3 January 2013

Rocking Out All Night Long!

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Assalamu'alaikum, everyone!!

We all have obsessions.  Some people obsess over food.  Some over sports.  And some over stuff that don't even make any damn sense.  I ain't no frog under a coconut shell because I got my own obsessions too.  Mine, ladies and gentleman, is music.........

I love music, man.  That's why being an audio engineer is a dream of mine among other dreams of course.  There's something about the melody of a song or even a guitar solo of an awesome rock song that hypes me up.  I got some favourite bands and artists of mine as I'm sure you guys have yours.  Therefore these are mine........

Yeah, man.  I've been listening to We The Kings songs since I was in primary school.  And their 'Skyway Avenue' song is one of the first songs that I can play from start to finish.  I heard and read that the band's working on another album.  All of their songs rock.  I love Travis's hair.  His crazy lion mane.

No other frontman in a band has hair as crazy as his.  Haha!!  Minus the hair colour, I sure hope my hair will be like that one day.  Bottom line, WTK is my fav band ever!

Now, another band I like is....

All Time Low released their latest album, Don't Panic, last October and yet I haven't found it yet in Malaysia.  One word to describe the feeling


Anyway, I've been playing their songs a lot right now.  Both on my laptop on on the guitar.  Their an awesome band to let yourself loose.....

I'm a fan of this guy too......

Heard brother Maher Zain's song for the first time when I was in F4.  His lyrics just hit you at the heart.  You know what I mean?  Even though I think his first album is better than his second and latest one, I just love the fact that I have another way to make me realize I'm another caliph in this world.

Ok, I've been yapping about this particular artist to almost everyone I know and also in my blog here.  She's none other thaaaannn....

*Screams like a crazy fan-girl*


*Melts into the carpet*

Haha!!  She's a famous YouTube artist who got her break last year and went touring the world.  Her self-titled album was released last September and I've yet to find hers.  Clearly, I've a bit of rotten luck when it comes to finding these CDs.  You wanna know how obsessed I am?

Here's my screensaver a couple of months back.  Hehe..


She plays the violin, she dances, she sings.  Haaaa..

*Melts some more*

I can't say this enough.  I just love music.  Listening to it, playing it.  I've had my fair share of performances myself.  So that's why I love it.

Yeah, I play the guitar.  And some drums too but I'd rather be playing the guitar.  Most of the time I was the lead guitarist so I'm telling you.  It...feels..GOOOOOD.  People cheering you on, screaming your name when you do guitar solos.  The only thing that hasn't happened yet is stage dives.  Both from the band AND the crowd.  Hey, maybe it might happen, right?  Haha!!

Which reminds me, I need to re-string my guitar tomorrow.  Well, stay awesome, people!!

See you guys on the flip side!

P.S: This is my 200th post!!  :-D