Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Let's Catch Up

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamu'alaikum, y'all!!

Wait a sec, aye?

*Gets my leaf blower and blows almost 2 months-worth of dust and cobwebs*

Sorry about that.  A bit dusty.  And I don't bode well with dust.

Really, guys.  Sorry for not updating.  Almost 2 months I think.  A lot's been happening.  Ramadhan, Eid, an old friend coming back to Malaysia for the holidays (well, her holiday la to be exact).  I can't actually be too long cos I sorta need to go in about 15 minutes.  So let me fill you in on a few stuff.  Oui?


Let's see, Ramadhan was good, Alhamdulillah.  Not a day passed that I didn't do Tarawih.  The only thing is that I just did the full 23 (plus Witir, mind you) only once.  But hey, hopefully I can see another Ramadhan next year, In Sya-Allah.

The build up to raya was quite something too.  I just go my driver's license a few months ago (yeah, I'm that lame.  Sue me :-P ).  And since I was at UTM a lot, I didn't drive that much.  Oh, how much that changed in just a week's holiday.  Haha!!

Eid was good albeit a bit short.  Didn't take that many pictures either...


Me with le parents XD

Death by chocolate.  Fluffy would say "DAMN!" O_o"
After raya was a week's tennis training for MASUM 2013 and to be honest I was really heavy due to the attacks I got from rendang, ketupat, nasi impit and other stuff.  I was very slow but it was ok.  Had to skip 2 weeks of classes.  No idea how I could catch up.  A bit freaked out right now.


After training, the week finally came and I was so quite.  But hey, we DID have a good time before we started the event.  Haha!!

We (the guys) went against USIM, USM and UIA.  I won my match against USIM.  Played the singles.  2 singles and 3 doubles matches.  So we won 3-2.  Against USM was a different story.  I twisted my knee pretty bad during my match.  It was an old injury.  A recurring one.  So I had to forfeit the match cos I couldn't go on.

We lost 3-2 against USM.  We lost 5-0 against UIA.  They're really good so personally, I don't feel anything.

Well, that's pretty much it.  Now, I'm back at UTM to study.  God, please help me.


Oh, by the way.  Just thought I should point out that Lindsey Stirling...THE LINDSEY STIRLING....Replied me on Instagram and Twitter!!


A little chat with Lindsey there on Instagram.  Here's the one on Twitter...

I was stoked on both occasions!! Haha!! Uhmmm.  If you guys can't see what she and I replied there, you might wanna enlarge it a bit.  Hehe.

If you guys have no idea who Lindsey Stirling is, she's a YouTube artist.  Insanely famous and one of the most amazing people out there.  She just reached 3,000,000 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel, lindseystomp, where her music videos are.  She also has a 2nd YouTube channel, LindseyTime, where she puts her behind the scenes videos and other random stuff like touring and all that.  Check it out ok?  Subscribe to her, like and favourite her videos.  You won't regret it.


And bless her heart, Q bought me Lindsey's album.........

Love it!! :'-D

I gotta go.  I'll try to update more In Sya-Allah.

See you guys on the flip side!!

P.S: No promises on the updates -___-"